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Destiny 2 Season Pass Guide – Season of Dawn Rewards, End Date

Bungie is back with yet another Season Pass for Destiny 2 with its own progression system, rewards, and more. Completing it will mean unlocking new exotic weapons, Bright Engrams, and cosmetics like ornaments, an exotic scout rifle, and more. Our Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Season Pass guide will tell you everything you need to know about it including cross save information, season end date, the best ways to level it up, and specific rewards.

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How Much Does a Destiny 2 Season Pass Cost?

Any given Season Pass costs 1000 Silver. That’s about $10. However, every purchase of Shadowkeep comes with the currently active Season Pass. In addition, the Collector’s Edition and Digital Deluxe Editions of Shadowkeep come with all four Season Passes in Year 3.

Are Season Passes Cross Save Compatible?

Yes! Unlike the expansions, if you have a Season Pass on PC, you also have the rights to it on Xbox and PS4.

When Does the Season of Dawn End?

The Season of Dawn runs from December 10 to March 9. That means you have 90 full days to complete everything.

How do I Earn XP?

The Destiny 2 Season Pass will have 100 ranks each ten week season with both a Free and Premium track. Progress is earned from plain old XP so you don’t have to switch up your playstyle to earn the rewards. Complete the usual Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit bounties for quick gains. You can also earn XP via Eris on the Moon or any of the other planetary vendors. Your first five levels each week get double XP.

Season of Dawn Season Pass Rewards

As a reminder, Bungie is changing how it handles seasonal content. While content will now rotate in and out of the title with each season, the developer now promises weapons and armor will return at a later date. If you missed the Vex Offensive weapons, for example, they will return at some point. Going forward, Bungie says it will make Legendaries and Exotics available after they’re gone and “it won’t take longer than six months either.”

Another change is that all Eververse Bright Engrams are rewarded as part of the Season Pass. You no longer get them with every level up, but through Season Pass levels. They start being rewarded at level 13 and are rewarded every five levels after level 100. Bungie has not changed their frequency for Season of Dawn.

The Season of Dawn Season Pass rewards include:

  • Exotic Scout Rifle: Symmetry
  • Exotic quests, seasonal armor sets, and ornaments
  • Exotic emote, ghost, ornament, and finisher
  • New shaders, emblem, and transmat effect
  • The usual exotic engrams, enhancement cores, ascendant shards, planetary material bundles, and more


  • Rank 6: Dawn Chaser Emblem
  • Rank 9: Gunmetal Merigold Shader
  • Rank 10: The Kellbreaker Finisher
  • Rank 18: Defiant Vexsplosion Transmat Effect
  • Rank 30: Pyroclastic Flow Rocket Launcher (With Ambitious Assassin!)
  • Rank 35: Symmetry Exotic Scout Rifle
  • Rank 40: Regal Medallion Shader
  • Rank 45: Trophy Hunter Sniper Rifle
  • Rank 50: Coin Trick Emote
  • Rank 64: Seasonal Gloves Universal Ornament
  • Rank 67: Seasonal Boots Universal Ornament
  • Rank 77: Seasonal Class Item Universal Ornament
  • Rank 87: Seasonal Chest Universal Ornament
  • Rank 88: Meteoric Descent Ornament for Pyroclastic Flow
  • Rank 90: Saintly Shell Ghost Shell
  • Rank 95: Zaroff’s Prized Longbore Ornament for Trophy Hunter
  • Rank 97: Seasonal Helmet Universal Ornament
  • Rank 99: Pigeon Feed Emote
  • Rank 100: Skyline Constellation Ornament for Symmetry

The Season Pass also provides access to the new Sundial 6-player matchmade activity, the new Timelost weapon frames, and access to the Saint-14 quest line.

You can see the rewards for yourself over on the Season of Dawn page on Bungie’s website. It does not, however, specify what the rewards are. If you want to see specifics, you have to log into Destiny 2.

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