Here’s How to Power Level an Alt to 950 in Destiny 2

Skip the Destiny grind (at least on new characters) with this handy trick.

Right now, you can pay Bungie $20 to skip an alt to 900 Power. As others have pointed out, that’s a terrible deal. Getting an alt up to speed is easier than ever in Destiny 2 this season, and that $20 could be better spent on the adorable event Eververse items, a real-life pizza, or paying someone to get you Recluse.

I mean, definitely don’t do that last one. Because it would be wrong.

So, how do you powerlevel without paying for the skip? Well, you could do the old Collections method. That involves first transferring high Power weapons from your main to your alt, then pulling gray gear from the Levelling tab of the Armor section. As you pull each piece, your max possible Power will increase, and you can keep doing it until you stop seeing gains. Then, you hit up Shaxx or Zavala and trade in tokens for armor pieces.

Sure, that’s fine and all. But there’s an even faster method, and all it requires is that you have a Season Pass and have made good progress on it with your main.

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You might have noticed in grinding out Season Pass levels that a number of them grant pieces of Substitional Armor. After a while, you probably stopped paying attention to these and just started sharding them. That’s fine. But when you log in with an alt, you’ll notice that all of those armor pieces are unclaimed. Because they’re technically different items and the Season Pass is account-wide, Bungie lets you claim them with each character.

See where this is going? Pulling each Substitional armor piece will grow your Power substantially. I was on level 79 of my Season Pass, and by the time I’d equipped the highest-level seasonal armor pieces, plus some 950-ish guns from my main, my Hunter alt was at 954 Power. Of course, that’s taking my Seasonal Artifact into account, which right now provides about 12 Power. Still, though, she’s now a high enough Power to jump into all but the highest level content in Destiny 2.

While you’re collecting all of your armor, don’t forgot to grab any of the Universal Decorations you might have unlocked along the way. You want your alt to be as fresh as your main, don’t you?

I’m looking forward to messing around with my Hunter, who I haven’t played in months. And at this rate, I might even roll a Titan. It’s certainly easier to play an alt right now than it was during Forsaken, that’s for sure. Back then, you had to either play through the entire base campaign, Warmind, and Curse of Osiris to get to Forsaken, or else pony up for a token that would skip you up to the latest expansion. In this way, Destiny 2 New Light is great not just for new players, but for veterans looking to try something different.

Anyway, I’m off to do some real messed up, morally ambiguous stuff. Later!