Yo Check out These New Destiny 2 Armor Sets (And Balance Changes)

Take a look, Guardian.

It’s September now, which seems impossible, but that’s what my landlord keeps telling me in her angry texts about the “missing” “”rent money,”” so here we are. Aside from being one step closer to the end of the year, this also means that we’re now less than a month out from the October 1 launch of Destiny 2‘s next major expansion, Shadowkeep. As such, it’s time for Bungie to start doling out a steady, teasing drip of upcoming content, which we got our first glimpse of in today’s This Week at Bungie update.

As can be seen in the gallery below, Bungie showed off six new sets of armor for each class, all of which are obtained through various activities in Shadowkeep. From left to right, we’ve got the Dreambane set (“Acquired from activities on the Moon”), the Garden of Salvation set (“Acquired from the Garden of Salvation raid”), the Substitutional set (“Acquired from Seasonal activities, free Season Rank rewards, and premium Season Rank rewards”), the Phenotype Plasticity Universal Ornament set (“Acquired from premium Season Rank rewards”), the Iron Will set (“Acquired from participating in Iron Banner”), and the Empyrean Cartographer Universal Ornament set (“Acquired from the Eververse store”).

As a quick reminder, Universal Ornaments aren’t actual pieces of armor, but are in fact cosmetic skins that can be applied to pieces of armor, thus allowing a Guardian to enjoy the stat bonuses from one piece and the appearance of another. And speaking of stat bonuses, Bungie didn’t divulge what sorts of stats or effects we can expect from these new armor sets, so there’s still a little mystery left. I’d also assume that this is (hopefully) but a tiny fraction of the new armor we can expect in Shadowkeep.

I’m not totally sold on the Dreambane Warlock set’s square moon-head, but I do dig how the rest of it looks like it was cobbled together from the dusty remains of an Apollo landing craft. The Substitutional sets are perhaps the least impressive of the bunch, but it looks like there’s a lot of detail that could pop better with a more interesting shader. Those Phenotype ornaments though y’all, hot dang. Hot dang. Gonna cover that set in Indigo Matrix and shine brighter than the sun. Gonna equip Vex transmat effects to all my ships and finally live my dream of becoming an actual flesh-and-milk Terminator.

Meanwhile, Bungie also dumped a huge bucket of sandbox balance changes that will hit in a future patch, presumably when Shadowkeep launches but potentially before. Pathfinder-spec’d Void Hunters are getting the biggest buff, with Vanish, Provision, Moebius Quiver, and Shadowshot all being improved in some fashion. Shadowshot damage will be boosted from 150 to 250, for instance, which makes it a one-hit kill in PVP. Bungie has also fiddled with Provision and Moebius Quiver, moving Provision’s super orb perk to Moebius and giving Provision a new perk for reducing the cooldown on Vanish’s smoke bomb.

For y’all big strong Titans out there who keep pushing me around in Crucible please just let me get the heavy ammo one time, Protector-spec’d Void Titans should be much better at keeping their Fireteam alive. Of all their abilities, Ward of Dawn gets the biggest boost with an increase in health against supers, the addition of the Weapons of Light buff for allies that pass through the ward, and a boost to the amount of super energy granted by the ward’s auto-generated orbs.

Warlocks, lastly, get a slightly stronger Nova Bomb when spec’d to the Attunement of Hunger, and the orbs auto-generated by the Well of Radiance now grant more super energy, as with the Ward of Dawn.

The rest of the update covers some pretty esoteric changes to reloading buffs, damage multipliers, and other mechanics that really only matter to end-game raiders and people who are way, way into Crucible, so if you’re not in either of those camps, don’t worry about it too much. Otherwise, peep the full post here.


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