How to Get a Bare-Assed Titan in Destiny 2

A shader and ornament combination has an unexpected effect.

Destiny 2 players are an enterprising bunch. Put a new perk, weapon, or ability in the game, and they’ll find a way to break it and force a nerf. Give them movement tools and they’ll use them to get out of the boundaries of the play area. And — as it turns out — give them enough shaders and ornaments to work with, and they’ll find a combination that makes it look like their Destiny 2 Titan has their bare ass out.

If you have a Titan character, you too can enjoy the cool air of the Savathun’s Throne world on your bare ass cheeks, thanks to a shader and Universal Ornament. The shader in question is Seven Sisters, one of the nicer animated ones in Destiny 2 that adds a starry space effect to cloth armor. Apply it to the Pfhorian Greaves, obtainable through the Bungie 30th Anniversary content, and you get, well, a Destiny 2 Titan who’s double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon.

Will Bungie move to patch this as quickly as they did the Dream Work trait or the Investigation Silver Leaf farm? It doesn’t confer any real benefit or help players melt Dungeon bosses, so probably not. Maybe it’s intended behavior, a little joke snuck in by an artist or developer. In any case, get your screenshots and memes in while you can.

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