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GCW Took Its Place in Wrestling History at the Hammerstein Ballroom

On May 19, 1915, a purported “international wrestling tournament” commenced at the Manhattan Opera House in New York City. Over the next year or so, such tournaments would feature future legends of th...

Reexamining Shawn Michaels Losing His Smile, 25 Years Later

February 13, 1997’s Thursday Raw Thursday special  has, in the past 25 years, become synonymous with one thing: Shawn Michaels, in the process of giving a speech where he vacated the WWF Cha...

Did THAT MJF Promo Make You Uncomfortable? Good. It Was Supposed To.

On Wednesday night, at the AEW Dynamite and Rampage taping in Bridgeport, Connecticut, MJF did something different.

The Owen Hart Police Report Is a Chilling Reminder of WWE's History with Worker Safety

Earlier this month, when the coronavirus pandemic and the safety measures designed to slow its spread started threatening not just pro wrestling, but the live event business in general, WWE’s public s...

REPORT: What's Going On with Thunder Rosa? New Sources Speak

On Wednesday, months of public discontent and years of simmering tensions with AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa boiled over when she announced that she was taking time off to deal with a nagging back...

Vince McMahon Navigated Controversy for Decades. What Changed in 2022?

What took so long? Seriously, what took so long?

How WWE Reacts When Workers Leave the Job

Last Monday night, the wrestling world was blindsided by the news, announced during Monday Night Raw, that Sasha Banks and Naomi, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, had walked out on the show ov...

15 Years Ago, Samoa Joe and Kenta Kobashi Had The Best U.S. Indie Match Ever

Going into the week of Japanese wrestling legend Kenta Kobashi’s lone set of matches of American soil, expectations weren’t actually that high. Sure, Kobashi was just seven months removed from the end...