100 Free Destiny 2 Username Ideas

You can thank me later Luke Smith.

The console players on Xbox and PlayStation might be forever locked behind paid name changes and for that we feel bad. On PC, Destiny 2 is perhaps one of the most passionate communities when it comes to making creative, pun-filled, world based names. But if you’re anything like me, you might not be the best at coming up with new names to use each time you gather to complete another raid.

To make things a little easier, we here at Fanbyte have compiled a list of 100 free Destiny 2 name ideas for you to use as inspiration or copy verbatim into Steam. If you want to use these on Xbox or PlayStation it’ll cost you some money.

In addition, when Microsoft moved over to its new Gamertag system, it also reduced the maximum character limit to 12, which somewhat limits your options. On the plus side, that new system also implemented Suffixes, which means that you can still use a Gamertag that someone else has already chosen, albeit with a hashtag and a number added to the end.

As with name changes on the PlayStation Network, your first Xbox Live Gamertag name change is free. They run $10 a pop after that, so try and land on something that you think you’ll be into for a while. Unless you’ve got as many disposable ten spots and as you do Gamertag ideas I guess — I’m not here to tell you how to live!

100 Free Destiny 2 Username Ideas

  1. Uncle Fenchurch
  2. The Original Amanda Holliday
  3. Hawthorne’s Hawk
  4. Ewis Mown Uwu
  5. 877-SHAXX-NOW
  6. Lord Salad Bin
  7. Pls Just Give Anarchy
  8. 1K Voices Pls
  9. The New Cayde-6
  10. Cayde-7
  11. Riven’s Feet
  12. European Dad Zone
  13. Tooken by the Taken
  14. Zavala Oh Na Na
  15. Call Me Dwiftah
  16. Calus’ Clap
  17. I Eat Planet Juice
  18. Mara Sob
  19. I Want Eris Eyes
  20. Fingertips on the Brain
  21. Drifter’s Ding Coin
  22. Dry Warframe
  23. Medicare for Thrall
  24. The Apostles’ Screeb
  25. Taniks! At The Disco
  26. Ana Bray’s Tumblr
  27. Rasputin Liked This
  28. BWAAAAAM – Rasputin
  29. RIPsputin
  30. Omnigul’s Inside Voice
  31. Kalli-flower
  32. Ir-Yeet, Deathflinger
  33. Chunky Vex Milk
  34. Angry Posters on /DestinyTheGame
  35. European 1080 Aerial Zone
  36. Titan Shoulders Biiiig
  37. The Dork Below
  38. Cayde-6 Radar
  39. A Coffee Dreg
  40. Shanks (A Lot)
  41. Servitor, I Hardly Know Her
  42. Once Fallen, Twice Scorned
  43. An Escaped Bather
  44. Baby Bather
  45. A Very Large Cabal Child
  46. Bungo Bongo
  47. Bungo Dingus
  48. Drifter Snitcher
  49. [This Game]’s Child
  50. Orb Fan 59
  51. Orbs Magorbs
  52. Give Orb, Need Orb
  53. I’ve Taken Arms
  54. Where Does Saladin Go?
  55. The Hive Smell
  56. Taken Goops
  57. Scorn Bumps
  58. Destiny 2 Shadowfeet
  59. Solstice of Zeroes
  60. Bring Back SRL You Cowards
  61. Luke Smith’s DCV
  62. Eris Morn Is My Mom
  63. Drifter Is My Dad
  64. To Drink From Calus’ Cup
  65. Joe Tonne
  66. Bo Realis
  67. Anne Archy
  68. Engramother
  69. Wares Seduce Me
  70. Ada-1’s Pickup Lines
  71. Xur’s Kiss
  72. Eris Morn’s Raisin Cookies
  73. The Real Drifter
  74. Dominus Pizza
  75. Traveler Juice
  76. Yearn for the Morn
  77. Crying Over Vex Milk
  78. Vex Milk Delivery
  79. My Armor Is Junk
  80. Butterbark Fan 42
  81. Daddy Calus
  82. Calus’ Cleaning Crew
  83. Vex Indigestion
  84. Ship Vomit
  85. Guardian Cannon Rider
  86. Bruce (Use with Almighty title)
  87. Riddick (Use with Chronicler title)
  88. Assuming Direct Control (Use with Harbinger title)
  89. Thumos The (Use with Unbroken title)
  90. Mind, (Use with Undying title)
  91. Let Me Change My Guy, Bungie
  92. Joker Simulator
  93. Space Roman Emperor
  94. Blue Legion, Best Legion
  95. The Vainguard
  96. Hunters Suck Lol
  97. Titans Are Okay
  98. Wet Ass rasPutin
  99. Engram Crackers
  100. The Real Luke Smith

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