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Need More Space in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Just Build Another House.

Ian McGreevy just wanted to create some nice paths. It was 2013, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf fans were devouring the latest entry in Nintendo’s cozy simulation series. McGreevy couldn’t put i...

Inside Nookazon, the Troubled Animal Crossing Marketplace

The operators of Animal Crossing marketplace Nookazon faced community backlash last weekend for attempting to quell a surge in anti-police sentiment within their official Discord server. As mem...

Ring Fit Adventure Accepts No Excuses

No matter how you cut it, I am a professional sitter. Both of my jobs require an ass planted in front of a screen for a length of time that hurts to admit. I try to periodically walk around and stretc...

This Is the Player Who Runs the Largest Spy Agency in No Man's Sky

Jordan Murphy likely wouldn’t strike you as the kind of person who heads an intricate online intelligence program. The 29-year-old British actor is soft spoken with a dry wit, sharing figures and pers...