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FFXIV Jumbo Cactpot Guide

If the Twelve don't bless your FFXIV Jumbo Cactpot ticket, here's a little advice on how to score extra MGP.

The Gold Saucer makes its return in FFXIV, and like its Final Fantasy VII namesake, it’s packed with minigames to test your luck with. In this expanded Eorzean iteration, there’s also a weekly Jumbo Cactpot lottery — rewarding up to 1 million MGP to players that strike it big.

When it comes to your options with the Jumbo Cactpot, things are pretty straightforward, but we do have a rundown for new players and tips to make a little extra MGP. Also, make sure you finish up the Make It Rain 2022 event while you’re in the Gold Saucer. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, at least you got a new emote to spam in front of your favorite NPC.

The FFXIV Jumbo Cactpot

The FFXIV Jumbo Cactpot Explained

Before you can do anything related to the Manderville Gold Saucer, make sure you’ve completed the quest It Could Happen to You in Ul’dah by speaking to the Well-heeled Youth (X:9.0, Y:9.0). With those loose ends tied up, you’re free to hit up Eorzea’s casino—or, in the words of Cloud, let’s mosey.

Anyway, the Jumbo Cactpot is one of two Cactpot-related games in The Gold Saucer. Unlike its daily mini version, the Jumbo Cactpot is limited to a once-a-week drawing, but you can buy up to three tickets per week. The first ticket will cost you 100 MGP, the second costs 150 MGP, and a third runs 200 MGP. You’re free to pick your own numbers or have the Jumbo Cactpot Broker at The Gold Saucer (X:8.5, Y:5.9) pick them randomly for you.

Every Saturday, the Cactpot Cashier at The Gold Saucer (X:8.6, Y:5.7) distributes rewards to Jumbo Cactpot ticket holders.  There’s a first, second, third, and fourth place prize that yields more MGP based on how many of your numbers match with the week’s winning numbers. If all of your numbers match, you hit the jackpot!

While the odds aren’t statistically in your favor to strike it big, the Jumbo Cactpot is worth doing, anyway.  The consolation prize for having no matching numbers is still a net positive on your MGP investment, and the Jackpot Free Company buffs work to give you an extra bump.

Jumbo Cactpot Timer and MGP Bonus

The Jumbo Cactpot occurs at the same time every week but varies by a few hours depending on your data center.  You don’t have to be present for the drawing, but make sure you turn in your ticket before the next week’s winners are revealed.

Jumbo Cactpot Drawing Times

  • Elemental, Gaia, Mana – Saturday, 4 am (PST)/5 am (PDT)
  • Aether, Primal, Crystal – Saturday, 6pm (PST)/7 pm (PDT)
  • Chaos, Light,  Materia – Saturday, 11 am (PST)/12 pm (PDT)

There’s also an Early Bird Bonus, rewarding extra MGP to those of you who do show up quickly. Arrive within an hour of your data center’s drawing time, and the Cactpot attendant will add the Early Bird Bonus to your total reward per ticket sold. There’s also an added reward for the number of participants in every week’s lottery, so drag your friends along for a ticket and make us all a little richer.

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