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How to Get the Mama Automaton Minion in FFXIV

For those who truly trust in Mama, you can now pick up this minion in FFXIV.

Spooky season may have passed in Final Fantasy XIV, but we like to think of spooky as a mindset you can have anytime. And what’s spookier than a tiny ghost minion that floats lazily behind you? If you agree, Patch 6.3 added a minion that’s right up your alley, Mama Automaton.

If the name seems weird to you, that’s because this minion is actually a reference to NieR Reincarnation, a mobile title published by Square Enix. In that game, Mama is a companion to the Girl of Light, guiding her around the Cage, where the entire game takes place. Why is the FFXIV referencing a mobile game released in 2021 in 2023? Because they can! We do not question their methods or ways.

FFXIV Mama Automaton Vendor

How To Unlock the Mama Automaton in FFXIV

Like the Blackjack mount also released in Patch 6.3, the Mama Automaton minion will cost you MGP, the unique currency of the Gold Saucer. Unlike the Blackjack, the price is relatively low. In fact, it’s pretty easy to acquire.

The Mama Automaton minion is available from the vendor Gold Saucer Attendant in the Gold Saucer (X: 5.1, Y: 6.6). Talk to the Attendant, select “Prize Exchange III,” and then the “Others” tab.  Here you’ll see Mama Automaton, which will cost you a clean 30,000 MGP. Part with the MGP and the minion is yours! In fact, you can grab it simply by completing only one of the tasks below.

FFXIV's Gold Saucer

How To Make MGP Fast in FFXIV

If you’re looking for lots of MGP, we have the fix for you! First, you need to head over to Gold Saucer, because of all these methods require activities in Eorzea’s finest casino. That means hunkering down and playing a ton of the available mini-games, including GATEs, Triple Triad, and more.

There are a few ways to quickly gain MGP. The most lucrative, but also the most dependent-on-luck method is to play the Jumbo Cactpot. This is a once-a-week drawing where you can win big. We have a whole guide explaining how the Jumbo Cactpot works, but the most important bit is you can win up to 1 million MGP in a single shot. There’s also a daily Mini Cactpot drawing, but the rewards are far less.

Second, there’s the Gold Saucer Challenge Log, which you’ll find under the Logs menu. Here, you’ll get a set of weekly challenges that will require you to partake in activities around the Gold Saucer. The difference here is that completing these challenges net you MGP!

Finally, another great, consistent way to farm MGP is through the weekly Fashion Report. This is another weekly challenge, but the focus here is to wear the correct glamour for the mysterious judge. Players will get hints each week as to what the theme of that week’s competition is, and you have to do your best to match that. If you score above 80 points in the judging, you get the maximum number of available MGP, which is around 60,000. If you don’t want to figure out what to wear yourself, you can rely on the wonderful Kaiyoko, who posts a guide to hit maximum points each week. That alone is enough for your very own Mama Automaton!

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