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How to Get the Blackjack Mount in FFXIV

If you want to soar in style like Setzer, we have all the details right here.

One of the best parts of Final Fantasy XIV is the ability to draw on the past of the franchise. For example, a lot of Endwalker’s main scenario and post-launch story involves characters and concepts from Final Fantasy IV. One mount added in Patch 6.3 pulls from a different entry in the series, however.

The new Blackjack mount is a reference to the airship of Setzer Gabbiani, a hero in Final Fantasy VI. Setzer is a man of the world who operates an illicit casino below the decks of his personal airship, the Blackjack. Unlike some mounts, you don’t have to complete a unique FATE or tackle a difficult encounter to get the Blackjack. Instead, you need to truly be like Setzer himself.

FFXIV Blackjack Mount Vendor

How To Unlock the Blackjack in FFXIV

You can unlock the Blackjack by having deep pockets. Unfortunately, this is not in the sense of having a ton of gil, like the Magitek Avenger G1 or Chrysomallos mounts. You still have to spend a ton, but it needs to be a specific currency.

The Blackjack will become yours once you acquire the Blackjack Identification Key. This item is available from the vendor Gold Saucer Attendant in the Gold Saucer (X: 5.1, Y: 6.6). Talk to the Attendant, select “Prize Exchange III,” and then the “Others” tab.  Here you’ll see the Blackjack Identification Key, which will cost you 4 million MGP.

This means you’ll need to hit the Jumbo Cactpot multiple times or have saved up your MGP for a while in order to grab this pricey mount.

How To Make MGP Fast in FFXIV

If you want to live the Setzer lifestyle, that means you need to be a true gambler. Well, at least you need to be a true gambler in the Gold Saucer. (Please do not gamble your real money.) That means hunkering down and playing a ton of the available mini-games, including GATEs, Triple Triad, and more.

There are a few ways to quickly gain MGP. The most lucrative, but also the most dependent-on-luck method is to play the Jumbo Cactpot. This is a once-a-week drawing where you can win big. We have a whole guide explaining how the Jumbo Cactpot works, but the most important bit is you can win up to 1 million MGP in a single shot. There’s also a daily Mini Cactpot drawing, but the rewards are far less.

Second, there’s the Gold Saucer Challenge Log, which you’ll find under the Logs menu. Here, you’ll get a set of weekly challenges that will require you to partake in activities around the Gold Saucer. The difference here is that completing these challenges net you MGP!

Finally, another great, consistent way to farm MGP is through the weekly Fashion Report. This is another weekly challenge, but the focus here is to wear the correct glamour for the mysterious judge. Players will get hints each week as to what the theme of that week’s competition is, and you have to do your best to match that. If you score above 80 points in the judging, you get the maximum number of available MGP, which is around 60,000. If you don’t want to figure out what to wear yourself, you can rely on the wonderful Kaiyoko, who posts a guide to hit maximum points each week.

You’ll get to the 4 million eventually, and then you can coast along in luxury like Setzer himself!

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