How to Get High Stat Solstice Armor – Destiny 2 Solstice Guide

With the Destiny 2 seasonal story arc concluded, the Solstice event has officially returned to give you more goodies to grind for. Similar to previous Solstice events, players will be able to upgrade the armor they earn to unlock unique glows that change depending on your subclass. The EAZ activity returns, but with a noticeable twist. Instead of just killing enemies within a time limit, players are tasked with igniting and building a massive bonfire.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of this event is the ability to grind for extremely high-stat armor pieces. Previously, players would either need to focus Umbral Engrams or play difficult activities to hopefully get a good roll of a specific armor piece. The Solstice event cuts through a lot of this but simplifies your ability to get armor with terrific stats. Here’s how this system works so you can start getting better gear:

How to Get High Stat Solstice Armor

1. Fully Restore Your Armor

To get high-stat armor you will need to first fully restore that piece of gear. To do this, you will need to spend a total of 6 Kindling per armor piece. Once you fully restore a piece of Solstice armor all other Solstice armor in that slot will not require any Kindling. Meaning if I restore my Warlock’s Solstice helmet any other Solstice helmet I get for my Warlock during the event will be restored. Keep in mind that fully restored armor will not carry over to your other characters so you’ll need to redo the Event Card Challenges.

2. Spend 120 Silver Ash

Once a piece of armor is fully restored, go to the sixth mod slot and select Glowing Ash. This will cost you 20 Silver Ash and slightly improve the armor’s base stats. Do this again with the Shining Embers mod for 40 Silver to raise the stats of your gear a second time. You can only apply a Shining Embers mod if that armor piece either has or had the Large Kindling mod equipped.

After you have fully restored a piece of armor you can finally give it a Spark. Upon highlighting the sixth mod slot, you will be presented with a row of mods that are each tied to one of your character’s core stats. Selecting one of these mods will improve that armor piece with a minimum of +20 to the stat you selected. So if I wanted to have a high Discipline chest piece, I would select the Spark of Discipline which gives me a minimum of +20 to that specific stat.

Upon selecting a Spark you cannot re-roll that gear again and will need to spend a total of 120 Silver Ash on a new piece of armor to roll another high-stat armor piece. So if I fully restored my Warlock Solstice helmet and applied a Spark to it, I’d need to grind for both another helmet and 120 Silver Ash to apply another high-stat Spark.

You can get Solstice armor by completing the Bonfire Bash activity or purchasing it from Eva. As for SIlver Ash, this is converted at the end of this event activity if you have any Silver Leaves in your inventory. It should take just under 60 Silver Leaves to obtain 120 Silver Ash.