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Every Anti-Champion Weapon in Destiny 2 (2023)

Ever since ShadowkeepDestiny 2 players have had to contend with Champions. These extra-tough enemies have unique abilities that can only be shut down with particular seasonal mods or certain subclass abilities. However, there are also a number of Exotic weapons with intrinsic anti-Champion capabilities in Destiny 2. If you’re looking for a list of all of these weapons, we’ve compiled one here.

The list below of every anti-Champion Weapon in Destiny 2 details which Exotic weapon stuns Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable Champions.

Anti-Champion Weapon in Destiny 2_ Anti-Champion Exotic Weapons.jpg

Barrier Champions — Shield Piercing

Barrier Champions in Destiny 2 have the ability to project an impenetrable shield. When they’re low on health, they’ll create a shield bubble and heal themselves. Most weapons will bounce harmlessly off the barrier, so you’ll need either an appropriate anti-Barrier mod and weapon or one of these Exotics to take them down.

  • Wish-Ender (Kinetic Bow, Primary)
  • Arbalest (Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle, Special)
  • Revision Zero (Kinetic Pulse Rifle, Primary)
  • Eriana’s Vow (Solar Hand Cannon, Special)
  • The Lament (Solar Sword, Power)

Overload Champions — Disruption

Overload Champions are some of the most irritating Champions to deal with in Destiny 2. That’s because they’re constantly healing themselves and teleporting all over the place. To make them stand still for a moment and turn off their regeneration, you’ll need the right mod — or one of these Exotics.

  • Le Monarque (Void Bow, Primary)
  • Divinity (Arc Trace Rifle, Special)
  • Thunderlord (Arc Machine Gun, Power)

Unstoppable Champions — Stagger

Lastly, Unstoppable Champions will rush towards you and not stop until you’re dead. Unless they’re stunned by the right mod/weapon combination or one of these Exotics, they have tremendous damage resistance and can be extremely dangerous in close quarters.

  • Bastion (Kinetic Fusion Rifle, Special)
  • Devil’s Ruin (Solar Sidearm, Primary)
  • Leviathan’s Breath (Void Bow, Power)
  • Malfeasance (Kinetic Hand Cannon, Primary)
  • Touch of Malice (Kinetic Scout Rifle, Primary)

Those are all of the anti-Champion Exotics currently in Destiny 2. However, it’s worth noting that in Lightfall, Guardians can stun Champions without the use of special mods or Exotics.

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