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Destiny 2 Witch Queen Best Titan Build for Season of the Risen

Who gave Titans Devour??

It’s already challenging to decide on a Destiny 2 build when a new season starts. Each one usually brings new artifact mods, introduces a few new permanent mods, and includes some balance changes. Add in a whole new expansion like The Witch Queen with new exotics, weapons, and the weapon crafting system, and things get even more complicated. If you are struggling to make up your mind and want what’s best, we’ve put together what we consider to be the best available build for Titans in Destiny 2 right now. Read on to see how we make Heart of Inmost Light work for us.

For builds, I highly recommend using a third-party app like Destiny Item Manager. Destiny still doesn’t have custom loadout slots, nor can you filter items in your Vault according to category, element, ammo type, etc. No one Hunter build is ever best for every situation! Saving loadouts will save you a ton of hassle down the line. With that said, let’s get to it!

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Destiny 2 Titan Heart of Inmost Light Build

With the release of Void 3.0, everyone has a choice between two of the three Void Aspects. In this case, we’re running Offensive Bulwark (even with the recent bugfix) since this build is focused on melee, grenades, and Controlled Demolition, which keeps enemies around you Volatile and restores health.

Thanks to NickTew for helping us discover this build.

Void 3.0 Titan Build

For the most part, you can use anything you want for the primary five slots.

Main Abilities

  • Super Ability: Ward of Dawn
  • Class Ability: Any
  • Movement Ability: Any
  • Void Grenade: Any
    • We recommend Vortex Grenade.

We are completely focused on buffing our melee ability, shoulder charge, and grenades. Thus, Bastion isn’t something we want with this build.


  • Controlled Demolition: Hitting a target with a Void ability or Volatile explosion makes them Volatile. Further damage to a volatile target causes them to explode. Grants you and nearby allies health when volatile targets explode near you.
  • Offensive Bulwark: While you have an Overshield or are inside Ward of Dawn, your grenade charges significantly faster, you have increased melee range and damage, and melee final blows extend the duration of your Overshield. You gain an additional shield throw while in Sentinel Shield.

You have some room to play around with Fragments. One of the post-raid unlocks, Echo of Starvation, finally allows any class to have Devour. We’re going to take full advantage of that. Keep in mind that Orb of Power generation has been reduced now that Masterworked weapons no longer automatically generate orbs.


  • Echo of Provision: Damaging targets with grenades grants melee energy; Strength penalty.
  • Echo of Starvation: Picking up an Orb of Power grants Devour; Recovery penalty.
  • Echo of Exchange: Melee final blows grant grenade energy.
  • Echo of Expulsion: Void ability kills cause enemies to explode; Intellect bonus.

Required Armor

You’re free to use all of your best in stat armor pieces. We recommend focusing on Strength, Recovery, and Discipline.

  • Helmet: Any
  • Arms: Any (Arc)
  • Chest: Heart of Inmost Light (Solar)
  • Legs: Any
  • Class: Any (Solar)

Weapon Recommendations

With so much focus on buffing our Void damage, Funnelweb is the obvious weapon choice here. That is the only weapon we think is a must.

For the Kinectic and Power slot, you can use whatever you want. We recommend Ascendancy because it’s now available in the Monument to Lost Lights and is buffed by the ever-popular Gjallarhorn.

  • Primary: Any
  • Secondary: Funnelweb (Void SMG)
  • Power: Any
    • We recommend Ascendancy.

Mod Recommendations

Regardless of what you decide to use, you want to equip the following mods. Keep in mind you can shift some of these around at will. The idea is to generate Void elemental wells, which give you a ton of Volatile rounds causing enemies to explode. This is on top of the Echo of Expulsion explosions, meaning every foe will explode twice. All of these will help you melee, shoulder charge, and kill enemies with seemingly infinite grenades. Combine that with Devour and you become one unkillable Titan. This build is excellent for everything outside of the harder Nightfalls, where you can’t afford to run up to enemies.

  • Helmet:
    • Volatile Flow (Artifact Mod) – Picking up a Void elemental well grants your Void weapons Volatile rounds.
    • Use an Orb of Power generation mod like Harmonic Siphon or Kinetic Siphon so we can activate Echo of Starvation and gain Devour.
  • Arms:
    • Momentum Transfer x2 (Arc Arms Mod) – Causing damage with a grenade reduces your melee cooldown.
    • Use whatever you want in the combat style slot.
  • Chest:
    • Thermoshock Plating (Artifact Mod) – Reduces incoming Arc and Solar damage from combatants.
    • Melee Wellmaker (Artifact Mod) – Powered melee combatant final blows spawn elemental wells matching your subclass energy type.
  • Legs:
    • Elemental Ordnance (Elemental Well Mod) – Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type.
  • Class:
    • Bountiful Wells (Solar Elemental Well Mod) – Elemental well mods that cause you to spawn elemental wells can now stack, spawning additional elemental wells for each additional copy you have equipped. (This mod spawns an additional elemental well by itself)

You can do whatever you’d like with your remaining energy, improving your stats or adding Orbs of Power generation.

Have a build you recommend? Leave it below in the comments with details on how to put it together!

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