Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards – Week of July 9

Another week, means another collection of rewards for players to earn in the Trials of Osiris PVP game mode. One of the most popular activities in the entire game, Trials of Osiris made its glorious return in Destiny 2. While this mode has had a very rocky experience, players still flock to this competitive mode thanks to the terrific loot and hopes of going Flawless. For the unfamiliar, players can earn loot by earning 3, 5, and 7 wins on a single Trials of Osiris card handed out by Saint-14 in The Tower. Additionally, if you manage seven wins in a row without losing, you will go Flawless and get to visit the Lighthouse on Mercury for additional rewards.

Trials of Osiris Rewards – July 9-13

Since the loot is randomized, here is all the gear you can earn this week:

  • 3 Wins – Chest
  • 5 Wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • 7 Wins – Class Item
  • Flawless – Shayura’s Wrath Adept (SMG)

Remember, there is no set pattern each week for what items will be available in the different win slots. This makes it a little difficult to plan if you are hunting for a specific piece of gear. While many will earn their rewards through wins, there is an avenue to obtain loot if you aren’t very good at PVP. At Saint-14, you can pick up the bounty called “End Game.” All you need to do is complete this bounty’s requirements to earn a free piece of loot tied to whatever is offered at 3 Wins. Since you don’t need to win the games to gain bounty progression, this is a terrific method for those to obtain some gear even if they’re bad.

Additionally, those who are confident in their skills should grab the other bounties to earn Trials Tokens. These can be turned in at Saint-14 for a Trials Engram. This will decode into whatever items you have previously earned that week. So if I have 20 Trials of Osiris Tokens and won five games, I can earn both the 3 and 5 win items. Some of the weapons I recommend grinding for are Igneous Hammer, The Messenger, and Eye of Sol. Remember these items can only be obtained in Trials of Osiris.

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Whether Trials of Osiris will be active the entire weekend is a bit of a coin toss. Recently, Bungie has been disabling this activity due to cheaters and players figuring out how to achieve going Flawless without doing any work. It’s a bit of a complicated method, but typically this or an unforeseen bug is the reason Trials is disabled. Given that going Flawless is only one of two ways to earn Adept weapons and Mods, people are quite desperate to earn this top tier gear


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