Destiny 2 Splintered Title Guide – All Triumphs for Beyond Light Title

Who’s ready to grind out another Destiny 2 title? The Beyond Light expansion is now live and that means it’s time to get chipping away at adding another (or your first) title to your repertoire. There are a number of triumphs you’ll need to complete in order to unlock the Splintered title including this season’s collection badge. Sorry if you, like us, were spoiled by not having to last time around.

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Splintered Required Triumphs

It’s an awkward title for sure and while there are only 11 required triumphs, there are a total of 45 different steps!

  • Europan Collector: Complete the Europan Collector badge.
  • Master of the Hunt: Complete any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty.
  • Solo Lost Sector Mastery: Complete any Europa Lost Sector on Master difficulty without a fireteam.
  • Masterful Saboteur: Complete all Tier 3 Sabotage quests from Variks.
  • Fallen Brig Brigade: As a fireteam, defeat Fallen Brigs as part of the “Crux Convergence” public event.
  • Training Complete: Complete all three Exo Challenges.
  • Born in Darkness: Complete the Beyond Light campaign.
  • Reuniting the Eventide Rookery: Reunite all nine Penguins.
  • Studying Darkness: Find all nine Entropic Shards scattered across Europa.
  • Salvage the Past: Find all nine dead Exo collectibles hidden across Europa.
  • Augmented Obsession – Complete all the Augment Triumphs

Europan Collector Badge Requirements

Unlike last season, you’re going to have to collect al of the associated weapons, armor pieces, and cosmetics from Beyond Light to claim the badge and title.

  • Last Flight Home Exotic Ship
    • Triumph: Europan Tour – Earn a score of 1,400 or more in the Europa Destination Triumphs.
  • Bright Warning Shader: Found exploring Europa.
    • Triumph: Salvage the Past. (See above)
  • Shattered Sky Shader: Found exploring Europa.
    • Triumph: Reuiniting the Eventide Rookery. (See above)
  • Gilded Smoke Shader: Fallen Empire campaign.
    • Triumph: Hunt for Power – Generate Orbs of Power in Empire Hunts.
  • Europan Eclipse Emblem: Found exploring Europa.
    • Truimph: Hunting Party – While in a fireteam, defeat Champions in Empire Hunts on the elected difficulty of your choosing.
  • Salvation’s Downfall Emblem: Found exploring Europa.
    • Triumph: Stasis Warrior – In the Europa Eclipsed Zone, defeat combatants with your Stasis subclass equipped.
  • Complete the Europa Armor Set
    • Crystocrene Helmet
    • Crystocrene Arms
    • Crystocrene Chest
    • Crystocrene Legs
    • Crystocrene Class Item
  • Salvation’s Grip Exotic: Gathering Intel Exotic Quest
  • The Lament Exotic: Lost Lament Exotic Quest
  • Cloudstrike Exotic: Weekly Empire Hunt Playlist
  • Complete the Europa Weapons Set
    • Subzero Salvo
    • Bonechiller
    • Arctic Haze
    • High Albedo
    • Hailing Confusion
    • Thermal Erosion
    • Coriolis Force
    • Biting Winds

If you happen to be missing exotics from past seasons, keeping you from completing badges, you can now purchase some of these from the Monument to Lost Lights which is new to the Tower with Beyond Light. Instead of completing lengthy quests, you can obtain these firearms by purchasing them with various rare crafting materials. This includes Exotic Ciphers, Legendary Shards, and Ascendant Shards, all of which will take a bit of work to obtain. And starting this weekend, Xur will start selling ciphers!


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