Destiny 2 Harbinger Guide – How to Complete the Harbinger Mission

Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt is almost over. With only a few weeks left, players are still discovering new secrets throughout this game’s many worlds. Revolving around Uldren Sov (now reborn as Crow) working for The Spider, this season focused on us freeing him from this Fallen gangster’s clutches. While the Hawkmoon quest released a few weeks ago, a new missions called “Harbinger” is now available for players to enjoy. In this mission, users will need to traverse through the dam in the EDZ and fight some very difficult Taken enemies.

Seriously, this mission is no joke for you solo players out there even if you have a high Power level. I highly advise bringing a few people if you can. Enemies hit hard and the encounters can be pretty long and demanding. Here’s how to complete the Harbinger mission in Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt:

Harbinger Quest Steps

Traversing the Dam

Before you load up this quest I strongly recommend bringing a special weapon of each element along with a way to stun Unstoppable Champions. While it doesn’t outright say it, Match Game is definitely in effect which can make some of these fights very tricky. I often found myself swapping throughout an encounter as each wave of elemental enemies spawned.

When you arrive in the EDZ, investigate the blown-out chimney in the damaged building to the right of the spawn. This will pull you into the mission. Make your way outside and shoot the Taken Hobgoblin that’s hanging around and jump onto his platform. To your bottom left you should see a branch sticking out that’s facing the dam. Jump onto this and then run across it and leap towards the base of the dam. There’s a lip you can climb onto and run along the edge of this structure.

Go to the middle and lookup. You should see a rectangular piece of metal jutting out along two very thin platforms. You can jump up along these platforms and then into the tunnel that’s directly below the piece of metal. Once inside, follow the path until you reach a massive open room with several turbines and Taken enemies.

Killing the Emissaries

There are three emissaries you will need to kill, each one is a different type of mini-boss Taken. The first is a Wizard with a Void shield, so break it and start damaging this foe. Make sure to kill any Taken Goblins and Vandals first, as they do a ton of damage. Once you’ve cut the boss’ health in half it will become immune and flee. Look around for a door blocked with Taken energy. You should see a black Taken orb in the center that can be damaged. Blast it open and head inside to find the fleeing emissary. Kill the Wizard and then head back out to the main Turbine room.

You will repeat the above steps for an Arc-shielded Taken Centurion and a Solar Shielded Taken Captain. Make sure to swap to the matching element, otherwise you’ll have a very difficult time breaking their shields. After each one loses half its health, that foe will run and you’ll need to chase it down. The entrances for these enemies are above you, near the suspended circular platforms the Vandals hang out on.

After killing all three emissaries, go back to the turbine room and follow your waypoint to the Lake of Shadows Boss arena.


For this part, you will want to equip a Void weapon first along with a way to stagger Unstoppable Champions. For the latter, I found the Lament with an Unstoppable hand cannon worked wonders. When the encounter starts, kill all the Taken Thrall and Wizards before retreating behind the big metal box on the other side of the room. This is a safe zone where enemies will not spawn (shown above).

After all those enemies are dead, two Taken Centurions, several Taken Vandals, and a Taken Unstoppable Champion will spawn. Swap to an Arc weapon and poke the Champion to make it charge you. Once you’re both behind cover stagger the enemy and lay into it with Lament until it dies. Now deal with the two Centurions on either side of you, making sure to always keep your line-of-sight broken from the Taken Vandals. If you’re having issues with the Vandals, quickly swap to a scout rifle after killing the Champion. Just make sure to swap back to your hand cannon before the next wave!

Your final wave is two Solar Captains, some Taken Goblins, and two Unstoppable Taken Champions. Deal with the Champions first, making sure to only aggro one at a time. This phase is much easier once they’re dead, as the Goblins don’t pose much of a threat. Once everything is dead, open the chest and follow your waypoint. There will be another jumping section.

Drive Savathun Out

Whew, this part is chaotic. For this section, you will absolutely need a Void and Solar weapon. I found the Xenophage to be particularly good since you won’t want to fight close to the boss. When the battle starts jump up to the right side and kill the Goblins behind the shard. Once they’re dead, focus your attention on the boss until it becomes immune. This will trigger a wave of Taken Acolytes and Solar-shielded Taken Knights to spawn. The Acolytes will infinitely spawn so long as the Knights are around. Prioritize these hulking Taken, otherwise, you will not make any progress.

After one side is clear, take your time and methodically kill the rest. The Acolytes spawn an obnoxious amount of turrets in this room, so prioritize them over the Knights. You can easily become overwhelmed if they are left alone. Upon killing the last of the Knights and Acolytes, the boss will spawn again, forcing you to repeat the same process as before. Keep slaying the waves of enemies it spawns while immune to break its shield. If you want to go even slower, the rock at the front of the room is another, relatively safe area you can hang out in.

Once the boss is dead, you will earn ten Feathers for Crow’s quest along with two random roll Hawkmoons, and the Hawkmoon catalyst. Take a deep breath, you did it.


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