Destiny 2 EDZ Obelisk Guide – How to Unlock the Obelisk in the EDZ

The Season of Dawn is well underway and soon the EDZ and Nessus obelisks will also be ready for opening. There are four different obelisks to unlock and the EDZ is the third or fourth of them, depending on you choose to go about them. This Destiny 2 EDZ: Recovery Operation guide will walk you through the brief steps to get this obelisk online.

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To start the quest, you need to return to Osiris.

Step 1: Defeat Cabal in the EDZ – EDZ: Recovery Operation

The first step requires you to defeat 50 Cabal in the EDZ. Bonus progress is rewarded for defeating them with finishers.

Defeat Cabal in the EDZ to obtain Armor Plating materials. Cabal defeated with finishers drop additional materials.

“The structure of the obelisk requires additional reinforcement in order to weather any attacks from our enemies. We can repurpose Cabal armor to use as plating. Their methods may be inelegant, but their creations are durable. We can use that to our advantage. See what you can recover.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 2: Bank Materials at the EDZ Obelisk – EDZ: Reinforcements

Now that you have all of those Armor Plating materials, head to the obelisk to bank them.

Bank the recovered Armor Plating at the obelisk in the EDZ.

“Well done, Guardian. Bring the materials you recovered back to the obelisk in the EDZ. We’ll be able to build it up strong enough to survive even the most vicious enemy attacks.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 3: Defeat Enemies with Abilities and Supers, Collect Orbs of Light – EDZ: Light Collection

Just like you did on the Tangled Shore and Mars, it’s time to defeat enemies with abilities and supers. You also gain some extra progress by collecting Orbs of Light.

Charge the EDZ Obelisk by defeating enemies with abilities and your Super, and by collecting Orbs of Light.

“To restore the obelisk to its full ability, we need to charge it with the power of your Light. The mechanisms of the obelisk’s structure combined with the strength of your Light will allow us to seal the temporal rip that threatens the timeline on Earth.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 4: Bank Light at the EDZ Obelisk – EDZ: Light Infusion

Time to head back to the EDZ obelisk and turn in that Light!

Bank the Light charge you accumulated to power the EDZ Obelisk.

“The Light can accomplish many things if you are resourceful. In this case, it will help keep Earth’s timeline stable, despite the Sundial’s influence on Mercury. I am sure you realize how urgent this is. Return to the obelisk, and infuse it with your Light.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 5: Interact With the EDZ Obelisk – EDZ: Timeline Stabilization

And that’s it! Now you have access to the EDZ obelisk!

Note: The obelisk is currently bugged and you may not be able to interact with it. Bungie recommends a few different things. Either go to orbit and load back in or ride your sparrow to another area and back. For “most” people this works within about five attempts, but for others it can take a few dozen tries. We honestly recommend just waiting until its fixed.

Interact with the obelisk on Nessus to complete its activation.

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