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This Bugged Perk in Destiny 2 Allows For Some Fun Effects

Vorpal Weapon isn’t one of the most exciting perks in Destiny 2, providing a flat damage boost to weapons that have it against bosses and vehicles. But right now, the perk is causing some… interesting effects in the game. Somehow, Vorpal Weapon seems to interact with a number of damage over time effects, allowing you to extend them indefinitely. Here’s how, with thanks to Fallout for explaining this in a recent YouTube video.

The Vorpal Weapon bug is a little like the Explosive Payload one from a few weeks back. In this case, you have to tag an enemy with a damage-over-time effect, then swap to a weapon with the Vorpal Weapon perk. When you do, that damage will continue almost indefinitely rather than petering out. This works with Osteo Striga’s poison damage, Incandescent, and Unravel. It doesn’t seem to trigger on Le Monarque or Thorn.

In case you were wondering, Cry Mutiny weapon from Season of Plunder is the only weapon that can roll with both Vorpal Weapon and Incandescent at the moment. As Fallout demonstrates, with this grenade launcher you can simply fire a blast, set a room on fire, and then just wait as everything burns down.

One additional trick you can do with Vorpal Weapon in Destiny 2 right now is extending the active time of the Ambush Origin Trait from the Season of the Seraph weapons. Vorpal Weapon seems to prevent Ambush from deactivating after a few seconds of combat as intended. However, firing at bosses seems to deactivate it anyway, which limits this bug’s utility.

Honestly, none of this is especially game-breaking. Players who are having a tough time beating Lost Sectors solo flawless for their Guardian Ranks could use the unlimited Osteo Striga damage effect to easily defeat the boss, though. That said, there might be other interactions between Vorpal Weapon and other Origin Traits in Destiny 2, so keep an eye out.

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