Several Exotics Are Getting Anti-Champion Abilities in Destiny 2

Le Monarque, Malfeasance, and more are getting some nice changes.

There’s a new TWAB up detailing sandbox changes coming to the next season of Destiny 2, and wow are there a lot of them. Seemingly every weapon archetype is getting some form of tweak, many of which are intended to improve underperforming perks and abilities. One notable change is coming to Exotic weapons — several of them are becoming anti-Champion Exotics that should make them significantly more attractive options in high-level PVE play.

Le Monarque, the Exotic Black Armory bow, is getting intrinsic Overload on its Poison Arrows, meaning that shots fired at full draw will disrupt Overload champions. Thunderlord, the seldom-seen Exotic machine gun, is also getting intrinsic Overload, which will give players a reason to haul it out of their Collections. Meanwhile, Malfeasance — the anti-Taken Exotic hand cannon — is getting an Unstoppable effect added to its explosions. The weapon will also receive a buff to airborne effectiveness to bring it in line with other precision hand cannons.

Finally, the Exotic bow Wish-ender is getting intrinsic Anti-Barrier capabilities. The bow will also receive an increased number of hits versus most targets (up to 3 from 2, though still 2 against players), increased damage versus Champions, majors, and minbosses, and a slightly decreased draw time.

Will these changes be enough to bring these Exotics into more common usage? It’s hard to day, but it’s certainly nice to have more options. Several of them had long questlines when first introduced only to be pretty quickly overshadowed by other weapons, so it’ll also be cool for longtime Destiny 2 players to get to use their hard-earned gear in more situations. I’m personally looking forward to having a use for Malfeasance again other than stunting on enemies in Last Wish.

What other Exotics would you like to see get anti-Champion abilities? Let me know in the comments down below.