PSA: You Can Get the King’s Fall Sherpa Emblem Now in Destiny 2

Guiding Light

Another Destiny 2 weekly reset has arrived, along with a small hotfix that patches some bugs, Bungie has also quietly released the new Royalty emblem for folks who sherpa newcomers through their first King’s Fall raid. Previously unavailable when the raid launched a little less than four weeks ago, this new emblem is for those who sherpa a total of 10 players through their first King’s Fall raid. Available on the official Bungie website, anyone who meets the requirement can claim this emblem and have it added to their Flair collection.

Obviously, this is easier said than done as finding 10 people who haven’t cleared the raid can be a bit tricky. I recommend using tools such as third-party Destiny LFG websites or even visiting Bungie’s forums to find groups. Remember, you will need to take people through for their first time. They cannot have completed King’s Fall on any other character until now. If they have, it will not count towards your completion and you won’t earn any progress towards unlocking this emblem. This may take a bit of time, but remember you are going to be helping folks who haven’t done this content before! It’s important to be patient and understanding with new users, even if they are veterans of Destiny 2.

Unfortunately, it seems that any sherpa clears you did before today will not count towards the emblem. Because of this, we cannot use a website like Raid Report to accurately determine what number of sherpas you have for this emblem. Instead, bring up any raid emblem in-game and then select the “Raid” tab. One of the catagories should be “King’s Fall Carries.” Once this hits 10 carries you can claim the emblem.

You will have until December 31, 2022 to earn and unlock this emblem!

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