New Details About Exotic Armor Focusing in Destiny 2 Have Arrived

It’s once again time for the TWAB (This Week at Bungie) blog post, packed with all sorts of juicy details coming to Destiny 2. Along with the reveal of Season of the Deep, new Strand aspects, and updates to Trials of Osiris, Bungie also broke down a bunch of economic changes coming to the game. The main “focus” around this was exotic armor and the ability to selectively pick which piece you want to decrypt an exotic engram into. It’s been a feature asked for since the original Destiny 1, with the closest thing we’ve gotten to it up until now being Legendary Lost Sectors. There are two tiers of Exotic armor focusing, each will cost a different amount of materials and offer specific options for what a player can focus. Here’s a breakdown of how this system works when it launches in Season 21:

Standard Decryption

  • Allows players to decrypt engrams for free.
  • Players receive random drops from standard Exotic engram loot pools.
  • No additional cost.

Exotic Focusing Tier 1

  • Focus an engram to receive a random roll of an Exotic from the associated expansion.
    • Red War: Exotic Helms
    • Red War: Exotic Arms
    • Red War: Exotic Chests
    • Red War: Exotic Legs
    • Forsaken: Exotic Armor
    • Shadowkeep: Exotic Armor
    • Beyond Light: Exotic Armor
    • The Witch Queen: Exotic Armor
    • Lightfall: Exotic Armor focusing will be coming in a future Season!
  • Requires ownership of the associated expansion as well as having previously acquired all armor pieces within the engram for your class.
  • It will cost:
    • 1 Exotic engram.
    • 30,000 Glimmer.
    • 1 Ascendant Shard.

Exotic Focusing Tier 2

  • Focus Specific Exotic Armor for high cost.
  • Requires ownership of the associated expansion as well as having previously acquired that piece of armor.
  • It has a higher cost:
    • 1 Exotic engram.
    • 60,000 Glimmer.
    • 3 Ascendant Shards.
    • 1 Exotic Cipher.

While these prices are expensive, Bungie assured players that all exotic armor pieces they focus will have high stat rolls (mid-60s or above) which is what you want for these pieces. There didn’t appear to be any way to focus specific stats on armor pieces, however, you can always use a Ghost mod to tilt the drop in your favor. Focusable exotic engrams can be acquired via world drops, the Season Pass, and reaching level 16 with any vendor. Bungie explained that there will also be additional methods for getting Exotic engrams in future seasons.

Some other economic changes include the wholesale removal of Finest Matterweave and Rainmaker items. Both of these items will remain in your inventory when Season 21 launches, however, you’ll now be able to just dismantle them for a single Enhancement Core or 3,000 Glimmer respectively. Also, any time you’d normally earn a Finest Matterweave or Rainmaker they will just drop a single Enhancement Core or 3,000 Glimmer instead. Legendary Shards will also be removed from all crafting components when Season 21 launches.

Exotic armor focusing will go live when Destiny 2 Season 21 launches later this month.