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Watch the FFXIV World Race of Abyssos Savage for the World-First Clear [UPDATED]

The best FFXIV players race to be the first ever to clear Abyssos Savage, and you can follow progress via MogTalk live on Twitch.

UPDATE (8/31/2022): The FFXIV world race stream by MogTalk ended at about the 24-hour mark with no team having cleared the entirety of Abyssos Savage. Several teams made it to the final stretch; phase two of P8S, but it was by far the most difficult part of the raid tier. At around 30 hours after the Savage raids went live (approximately 9:00 a.m. PT), a team from Japan secured the Abyssos Savage world-first clear. A member of that team tweeted a screenshot of them all done with the raid (see below).

The original story about the world race, published on August 30, 2022, can be found below.

Another major content drop for Final Fantasy XIV means more high-level raids to clear. With Patch 6.2 containing the new Abyssos Savage eight-player raids, skilled players are jumping in day one to see how far they can get in this series of extremely difficult fights. But the best teams are racing each other to claim the Abyssos Savage world-first, clearing the whole raid tier before anyone else. And you can watch the FFXIV world race unfold live (embedded below).

FFXIV content creator Frosty, who runs and hosts the channel and podcast MogTalk, uses his channel to stream the FFXIV world races as fully produced events. These streams feature casters, charity drives, and giveaways with the community watching multiple feeds from the top competitive players as they progress all in one place. For this round, the stream is giving away art commissions, items from the FFXIV Online Store, and a PlayStation 5 for those who donate to their DirectRelief fundraising goal.

These can go on for days depending on the progress teams make, but these are always our first look at the deeper Savage raid mechanics. It’s also just dope to see well-coordinated teams and talented players devise strategies to figure out these complex fights before anyone else.

Some teams such as Neverland and Thoughts Per Second (both of whom were winners of the two previous world races) are not streaming their feeds, however. Although both team are still competing, we unfortunately won’t be able to watch their gameplay live. While you may not be able to watch every team (since MogTalk can only pull from those who are streaming their attempt), their progress is still being tracked for the world-first.

World races are par for the course with every new Savage raid and Ultimate, but it’s never any less exciting. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida typically gives an official statement of congratulations to the winners of a world-first, even as these events themselves are unofficial (although things got a bit iffy last time).

Shortly after Dragonsong Ultimate dropped alongside Patch 6.11 earlier this year, Team Neverland claimed the world-first. It is arguably the toughest content FFXIV has ever had and it took the team about five days to win the world race. We interviewed Neverland about their Dragonsong Ultimate world-first and the real-life commitment it took to make it possible — to no surprise, it takes a ton of focus, effort, preparation, cooperation, and sorting out your personal life.

Teams competing for this round of the FFXIV world-first are surely putting in a similar level of dedication. We’ll be sure to update you when a team claims victory for the Abyssos Savage world race. But if we had to guess, it’ll be a good long while until then; we have a feeling P8S has some nasty tricks up its sleeve.

If you’re interested in running these yourself, make sure you’ve cleared all the normal versions of the Abyssos raids — we have guides for all those fights as well. And if you need help progging P5S to P8S, stay tuned for our Abyssos Savage raid guides in the coming days.

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