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How Abyssos Savage Gear and Loot Drops Work in FFXIV 6.2

The new Savage tier of raids are here with new high-level gear pieces. Here’s how the loot drops work for Abyssos Savage rewards.

With the latest update in Patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV in full swing, players are now diving into the newest tier of Savage raids. Abyssos Savage takes the normal versions and twists them in brutal ways for some of the most challenging fights in recent memory. Your efforts don’t go unrewarded, though. Some of the best gear and items are available to those who can clear these new instances. In this guide, we’ll explain how loot drops work and how to get Abyssos Savage gear pieces, weapons, and items you want or need.

Various types of rewards are divvied up per fight, which is par for the course when it comes to FFXIV raid loot. Abyssos is pretty much a reflection of Asphodelos in terms of how drops are allocated, just with the new items and more powerful gear pieces. So if you’re a veteran raider in FFXIV, not much has changed when it comes to the process. But these new Item Level 630 and 635 gear pieces are the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re keen on jumping into these raids yourself, check out our Abyssos Savage unlock guide. The short of it is this: clear the normal versions of Abyssos and finish the storyline, and make sure you meet the Item Level requirements for each instance, as outlined below:

  • Abyssos: The Fifth Circle (Savage) – Item Level 600 or higher
  • Abyssos: The Sixth Circle (Savage) – Item Level 605 or higher
  • Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage) – Item Level 610 or higher
  • Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage) – Item Level 610 or higher

How Abyssos Savage Loot Drops Work

Abyssos gear are all at Item Level 630 with the Abyssos weapon at Item Level 635. This is the highest Item Level so far in FFXIV. These are only obtainable by clearing the various instances of the Abyssos Savage raids, and there are various opportunities to claim these pieces as you progress through this Savage tier.

Keep in mind that Abyssos gear pieces are dolled out through gear coffers in a loot pool that players in a party must roll for. That means you are not guaranteed a gear piece upon clearing the instance. (May the odds be in your favor.) You’re limited to one loot item each week per Savage instance, and the weekly reset is at 1:00 a.m. PT every Tuesday.

For gear in particular, just three (3) coffers will drop in each instance (as long as the whole party is on their first clear of the week). If one to four players in your party already did their weekly clear, only one (1) coffer will drop — any more and no coffers will drop.

Abyssos Savage Loot Table (Gear, Weapons, Items)

All armor pieces are at Item Level 630 while the weapons are at Item Level 635. Each instance has a certain set of coffers that can drop, and each coffer is for specific gear types, as outlined below. These coffers will give you the proper gear for the Job you have equipped when you open the coffer, the specific piece just depends on the gear slot the coffer is designated for.

You can view the information and stats on all the Abyssos gear and weapons in our very own FFXIV item database. Below is the loot table for the Abyssos Savage gear and loot drops, including links to our FFXIV item database entries.

Raid Instance Possible Reward Drops
Abyssos: The Fifth Circle (Savage)
Abyssos: The Sixth Circle (Savage)
Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage)
Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage)

Note that not every possible coffer will drop upon clearing the instance. However, clearing Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage) gives the party two shots at the Item Level 635 weapon. One will be Job-specific while the other comes in a coffer.

Players will also be able to roll for three different types of materials: Moonshine Brine, Moonshine Twine, and Moonshine Shine. These are the materials required to upgrade Lunar Envoy gear (Item Level 620) to Augmented Lunar Envoy gear (Item Level 630). This is the new gear set available for purchase with Tomestones of Causality. For more information on this other set of high-level gear, check out our guide on how to get Tomestones of Causality and Lunar Envoy gear fast.

How Abyssos Mythos Tokens Work

Additionally, every player will earn one (1) Abyssos Mythos token according to the instance cleared. You can earn each token once per week and use them to buy Abyssos gear, which helps you work towards other Abyssos gear pieces you’re missing or the upgrade materials to get Augmented Lunar Envoy gear. You can make purchases with the vendors Mylenie in Labyrinthos (X: 8.3 Y: 27.6) or Djole in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3 Y: 9.6). The exchange rate for Abyssos Mythos tokens and each gear piece and material is as follows:

  • Weapon: Abyssos Mythos IV (x8)
  • Head: Abyssos Mythos II (x4)
  • Body: Abyssos Mythos IV (x8)
  • Hands: Abyssos Mythos II (x4)
  • Legs: Abyssos Mythos III (x8)
  • Feet: Abyssos Mythos II (x4)
  • Accessories: Abyssos Mythos I (x4)
  • Moonshine Brine: Abyssos Mythos III (x4)
  • Moonshine Twine: Abyssos Mythos III (x4)
  • Moonshine Shine: Abyssos Mythos II (x4)

If you’re taking on these new, challenging depths of Pandaemonium, good luck. We are hard at work clearing them ourselves so stay tuned for our Abyssos Savage guides in the coming days. At the time of publishing this, the world race is on and the privilege to claim the world-first Abyssos Savage clear is heated – you can watch the best FFXIV teams prog via MogTalk’s Twitch channel and livestream event.

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