Destiny 2 Fans Don Gold Armor in Honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

A father asked fans to help him honor his child, and the Destiny 2 community is stepping up.

The Destiny 2 community is rallying in support of a father looking to pay tribute to his child who passed away from cancer by changing their character’s armor to gold in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

It started with a Facebook post by Shawn Patrick Lafferty, who told the story of losing his oldest child to Ewing’s Sarcoma in May of 2020. Lafferty asked members of the Facebook group called The Dad Gaming – Dadstiny, a group of dads who play Bungie’s shooter, if they would change their armor to gold, as that’s the color associated with ribbons referencing Childhood Cancer Awareness month, which began today, September 1. The Facebook post has since been screenshot and posted to places like Reddit and Twitter, with prominent Destiny 2 community members and resources throwing their public support behind the cause.

As word of the movement has spread, fans have been putting out resources and references for other Destiny 2 players to find cosmetic items that are gold and can help them also show support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, such as DIM, a fan-run inventory management system with millions of users.

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With so many people having already thrown their support to the movement, hopefully Destiny 2 is filled with gold-wearing guardians throughout the month of September. It’s heartwarming to see a community come together for a good cause. Lafferty said he wasn’t asking for any monetary investment from other players, but hopefully as more people learn about the cause and don gold armor, it may lead to further action like donations to pediatric cancer charities. Bungie has had its hand in helping raise funds for children’s healthcare charities in the past, such as St. Jude’s hospital.

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