Check Out This Selection of Awesome Destiny 2 Fan Art

Like any popular game, TV show, book, or film, Destiny 2 has inspired a lot of fan works and art. Bungie showcases some fan-created videos and art every week in their TWAB posts, but there is way more out there than they could ever highlight. With that in mind, we put out a call for Destiny 2 fanartists on Twitter last week and got a huge response. Here are a few of our favorites, and if you didn’t get picked, don’t despair — we’ll likely do more posts like this in the future.

LaurinofEarth Destiny 2

1. LaurinofEarth

We’ve previously covered LaurinofEarth when she did a commission of Harrier-3, this writer’s Exo Warlock. But we love the range in Laurin’s work, from action scenes to comedic renditions of in-game activities to downtime imagery depicting Destiny 2 characters just hanging out.

Nunki Destiny 2

2. nunki

Take a look at the gorgeous colors and textures on this Hunter by nunki! It’s enough to almost make a Warlock main want to play on their much-neglected alt…

ScribbleBoxFox Destiny 2

3. ScribbleBoxFox

Did you know that a lot of Destiny 2 fanartists absolutely love Asher Mir? It’s true! Here’s one example of a depiction of everyone’s favorite Gensym Scribe by ScribbleBoxFox, whose cartoon-inspired style brings Destiny 2 characters to life in a whole new way.

DestinyTheMeme Destiny 2

4. DestinyTheMeme

You probably know DestinyTheMeme as a prolific meme poster on Twitter. But did you know that the user behind the account, Moira, is also an accomplished artist? Check out this piece of Nezarec that would look right at home in a Destiny-themed Tarot deck.

Destiny 2 Robyn

5. robyn

As a fan of both Destiny 2 and Disco Elysium, robyn creates fan art for both. Sometimes, she even makes crossover art, like this incredible piece depicting the Drifter and Eris Morn as the protagonists of Disco Elysium. Simply incredible.

Destiny 2 Nine

6. Nine

Artist Nine produces a ton of gorgeously detailed Destiny 2 art, much of it depicting Exo characters. Why Exos? Well, in the artist’s words, “the designs in this game are just so incredible and makes me wish i were an exo <3” Fair enough!

Destiny 2 Nearfromfar

7. Nearfromfar

Nearfromfar does a lot of great Destiny 2 pieces with visual gags. For isntance, check out this adorable art of Caiatl tossing bread to a couple of Hunters wearing the Celestial Nighthawk Exotic. Hunters are weird.

Destiny 2 PlumLi

8. PlumLi

If you’re a fan of Destiny fashion, then PlumLi‘s art is sure to please. Drawing on the game’s imagery and splicing it with streetwear-inspired designs, PlumLi’s work is eye-catching and bold.

Destiny 2 Art Amazon

9. Art Amazon

Art Amazon (aka Brit) does Destiny 2 art in a vivid comic book style. This piece in particular references Crimson Days, which newer players might not even know was an event involving 2v2 Crucible matches where Lord Shaxx vowed to marry every Guardian. We miss it.

Destiny 2 Brighan

10. Brighan

Lastly today, here’s a depiction of the elegant but deadly Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness by Brighan. While this piece is in a more painterly style, the artist plays around with format and style frequently, also producing comics and other types of art showing various characters and settings from Destiny 2.