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Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Villager Tier List - New Best Villagers

Okay, listen. Ranking every single Animal Crossing villager is a nearly insurmountable task. Everyone has their own opinions, and comparing every single villager isn’t even the most useful idea short of knowing who’s the best of the best. Most villagers are going to fall into the mid to low ranks anyway! So, we had the idea not to make a tier list out of every New Horizons villager, but to make a tier list for each species. In fact, as of November 2, we’ve now done this twice. We’ve updated the entire tier list by re-ranking all of the original villagers and adding the six Sanrio and 16 Update 2.0 villagers.

This guide will help you answer the question: Who are the best Wolves to have? (You probably said Audie, didn’t you?) The idea is that it’s a lot easier to rank the animals only in comparison to others of their species. So, that’s what we’ve done. Hopefully, this helps you figure out which villagers you want to pursue!

It should be obvious, but this is an opinionated tier list. I don’t claim to be the one true voice of the entire Animal Crossing community. I’ve rated all of the villagers based on a combination of their appearance, home style, community popularity, and to a lesser extent, their catchphrase. 

Here is a rough outline of what each tier means:

  • S-Tier: Super popular. Just about everyone wants them on their island.
  • A-Tier: A great villager. You should consider adding them to your island.
  • B-Tier: Above average. Has a few qualities that make them better than an average villager.
  • C-Tier: Average villager. They don’t really stand out.
  • D-Tier: Below average or awful. Some villagers in this tier are just okay. Others you’ll want to avoid like the plague lest you spend days trying to get them to leave.

Villagers inside each tier are sorted alphabetically (for the most part). For example, Del and Gayle are equal in ranking. I have not ranked Del ahead of Gayle.

This guide is long. We recommend using CTRL + F to jump to the species or characters you’re curious about. Otherwise, be prepared for a lot of scrolling.

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Animal Crossing Alligator Tier List

Sadly, the alligators in Animal Crossing: New Horizons aren’t certain to grab your attention. They mostly fall into the lower ranks of tier lists like ours. Drago is unique in that he’s supposed to be a damn dragon, which is enough to get him to B-tier on our list. Del has swapped from the pirate life to join the robot gang. And Gayle has a fondness for pink that few other villagers can rival. The rest aren’t super noticeable though; even Alfonso can’t be saved by being a Mario reference.

That said, we’ve bumped Alli up and placed newcomer Roswell at the bottom of the pile. Sorry, bud!

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Drago
Animal Crossing Drago
Lazy burrrn
C Del
Animal Crossing Del
Cranky gronk
C Gayle
Animal Crossing Gayle
Normal snacky
C Alli
Animal Crossing Alli
Snooty graaagh
D Alfonso
Animal Crossing Alfonso
Lazy it’sa me
D Boots
Animal Crossing Boots
Jock munchie
D Sly
Animal Crossing Sly
Jock hoo-rah
D Roswell
Lazy unknown

Animal Crossing Anteater Tier List

Anteaters fall into a very similar bucket as the alligators do. Most are either entirely uninteresting or downright unpleasant. Snooty is the literal embodiment of the snooty personality and Cyrano goes around sneezing on you with every sentence. Anabelle is the lone standout since she looks like a pangolin and comes with an awesome starting shirt. Olaf is also notable since he has pants and sleeves, something few villagers have. The interesting fact here is that they remain if you change his shirt. Those clothes are apparently just part of his skin.

We’ve upgraded Antonio to B and placed Zoe among the best anteaters available.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Antonio
Animal Crossing Antonio
Jock honk
B Zoe
Normal whiifff
B Anabelle
Animal Crossing Anabelle
Peppy snorty
C Annalisa
Animal Crossing Annalisa
Normal gumdrop
C Olaf
Animal Crossing Olaf
Smug whiffa
D Cyrano
Animal Crossing Cyrano
Cranky ah-CHOO
D Pango
Animal Crossing Pango
Peppy snoooof
D Snooty
Animal Crossing Snooty
Snooty snifffff

Animal Crossing Bear Tier List

With the sheer number of bear villagers available, you’d think there would be more stellar choices. Megan is cute as it comes, but the rest of the bears are average at best. There’s also a whole lot of cranky folks here that you may want to avoid if that’s not your thing. We recommend Ursala as an underrated villager. Her sisterly personality is good and her house is seriously nice.

In the latest update, we’ve promoted Pinky (Disclaimer: She’s on my island and she’s the cutest) and Tutu to B-Tier and Teddy to C-Tier while demoting Ursala.


Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Megan
Animal Crossing Megan
Normal sundae
B Pinky
animal crossing pinky
Peppy wah
B Tutu
animal crossing tutu
Peppy twinkles
C Ursala
Animal Crossing Ursala
Sisterly grooomph
C Grizzly
animal crossing grizzly
Cranky grrr…
C Charlise
animal crossing charlise
Sisterly urgh
C Teddy
animal crossing teddy
Jock grooof
D Ike
animal crossing ike
Cranky roadie
D Curt
animal crossing curt
Cranky fuzzball
D Beardo
animal crossing beardo
Smug whiskers
D Chow
animal crossing chow
Cranky aiya
D Nate
animal crossing nate
Laxy yawwwn
D Paula
animal crossing paula
Sisterly yodelay
D Klaus
animal crossing klaus
Smug strudel

Animal Crossing Birds Tier List

Fans of Animal Crossing will already know that Jacques is the most popular of the birds. As a whole, birds are fine and good additions to your island.

In our update, we’ve evened out the spread of birds by promoting a few. Ace, the new bird, is currently C-Tier.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Jacques
animal crossing jacques
Smug zut alors
B Lucha
animal crossing lucha
Smug cacaw
B Piper
animal crossing piper
Peppy chickadee
B Midge
animal crossing midge
Normal tweedledee
B Ace
Jock ace
C Anchovy
animal crossing anchovy
Lazy chuurp
C Jay
animal crossing jay
Jock heeeeeyy
C Jitters
animal crossing jitters
Jock bzzert
C Sparro
animal crossing sparro
Jock like whoa
D Admiral
animal crossing admiral
Cranky aye aye
D Jacob
animal crossing jacob
Lazy chuuuuurp
D Peck
animal crossing peck
Jock crunch
D Robin
animal crossing robin
Snooty la-di-da
D Twiggy
animal crossing twiggy
Peppy cheepers

Animal Crossing Bulls Tier List

Bulls can be hit or miss depending on what you like. None of them are really cute, but Stu is at least colorful. He’s also one of the few villagers who has a modern outdoors setting inside of his house. He lives in an alleyway, which opens up some cool possibilities for gift ideas!

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Stu
animal crossing stu
Lazy moo-dude
C Coach
animal crossing coach
Jock stubble
C Rodeo
animal crossing rodeo
Lazy chaps
D Vic
animal crossing vic
Cranky cud
D Angus
animal crossing angus
Cranky macmoo
D T-Bone
animal crossing tbone
Cranky moocher


Animal Crossing Cat Tier List

Everybody likes cats, so it should come as no surprise as to how highly ranked many of these villagers are. Raymond has been the face of Animal Crossing since New Horizons came out, with some paying up to 15 million Bells to get their hands on him. Expect that to end now that he’s available as an Amiibo card, though. They’re all solid grabs, just please know that Ankha was S-Tier when we first released this list far before the Internet did what the Internet does.

The biggest change here is Lolly moving to S-Tier.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Ankha
animal crossing ankha
Snooty me meow
S Raymond
animal crossing raymond
Smug crisp
S Lolly
animal crossing lolly
Normal bonbon
A Bob
animal crossing bob
Lazy pthhhpth
A Punchy
animal crossing punchy
Lazy mrmpht
A Merry
animal crossing merry
Peppy mweee
A Rosie
animal crossing rosie
Peppy silly
A Tangy
animal crossing tangy
Peppy reeeeOWR
B Kid Cat
animal crossing kid cat
Jock psst
B Kiki
animal crossing kiki
Normal kitty cat
B Mitzi
animal crossing mitzi
Normal mew
B Olivia
animal crossing olivia
Snooty purrr
C Felicity
animal crossing felicity
Peppy mimimi
C Kabuki
animal crossing kabuki
Cranky meooo-OH
C Katt
animal crossing katt
Sisterly purrty
C Purrl
animal crossing purrl
Snooty kitten
C Tom
animal crossing tom
Cranky me-YOWZA
C Rudy
animal crossing rudy
Jock mush
D Kitty
animal crossing kitty
Snooty mrowrr
D Moe
animal crossing moe
Lazy myawn
D Monique
animal crossing monique
Snooty pffffft
D Stinky
animal crossing stinky
D Tabby
animal crossing tabby
Peppy me-WOW


Animal Crossing Chicken Tier List

None of the chickens in New Horizons really stand out. They’re all average at best. Becky gets bonus points for a super classical house, which is hard to come by.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
C Becky
animal crossing becky
Snooty chicklet
C Ken
animal crossing ken
Smug no doubt
C Egbert
animal crossing egbert
Lazy doodle-duh
D Plucky
animal crossing plucky
Sisterly chiky-poo
D Ava
animal crossing ava
Normal beaker
D Benedict
animal crossing benedict
Lazy uh-hoo
D Broffina
animal crossing broffina
Snooty cluckadoo
D Knox
animal crossing knox
Cranky cluckling
D Goose
Jock buh-kay


Animal Crossing Cow Tier List

You only have four options when it comes to cows. We recommend Naomi just because she’s the most colorful and has the most personality. Unfortunately, though, her house is full of antiques and is the opposite of her bright appearance.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
C Naomi
animal crossing naomi
Snooty moolah
C Tipper
animal crossing tipper
Snooty pushy
D Norma
animal crossing norma
Normal hoof hoo
D Patty
animal crossing patty
Peppy how-now


Animal Crossing Cub Tier List

While there are always villagers that stand out in each species, Judy is unique in all of Animal Crossing. Her colors and eyes have made her one of the most in-demand villagers. Honestly, there are so many cute cubs to choose from that it’s hard to go wrong. Unless you go with Barold. Listen, if you opt for him, good for you. But he will not be invited to my island.

Some highlights: Maple is now S-Tier, Pekoe is A-Tier, and Marty has been placed in C-Tier.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Judy
animal crossing judy
Snooty myohmy
S Stitches
Lazy stuffin
S Maple
animal crossing maple
Normal honey
A Bluebear
animal crossing bluebear
Peppy peach
A June
animal crossing june
Normal rainbow
A Cheri
animal crossing cheri
Peppy tralala
A Pekoe
animal crossing pekoe
Normal bud
B Olive
animal crossing olive
Normal sweet pea
C Poncho
animal crossing poncho
Jock li’l bear
C Tammy
animal crossing tammy
Sisterly ya heard
C Marty
Lazy pompom
D Barold
animal crossing barold
Lazy cubby
D Chester
animal crossing chester
Lazy rookie
D Kody
animal crossing kody
Jock grah-grah
D Murphy
animal crossing murphy
Cranky laddie
D Pudge
animal crossing pudge
Lazy pudgy
D Vladimir
animal crossing vladimir
Cranky nyet


Animal Crossing Deer Tier List

As a whole, Nintendo has done a great job with the deer in Animal Crossing. Not a single one is worse than the average. Pick whoever you want; it’s hard to go wrong!

No major changes here, but Shino debuts as an S-Tier villager. Chelsea has no such luck and is only average.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Beau
animal crossing beau
Lazy saltlick
S Diana
animal crossing diana
Snooty no doy
S Fauna
animal crossing fauna
Normal dearie
S Shino
Peppy okaaay
A Deirdre
animal crossing deirdre
Sisterly whatevs
A Erik
animal crossing erik
Lazy chow down
B Bam
animal crossing bam
Jock kablang
B Lopez
animal crossing lopez
Smug buckaroo
B Zell
animal crossing zell
Smug pronk
C Bruce
animal crossing bruce
Cranky gruff
C Fuchsia
animal crossing fuchsia
Sisterly precious
C Chelsea
Normal pound cake

Animal Crossing Dog Tier List

Cats clearly beat dogs when it comes to Animal Crossing. There are some goodies here, but they rank lower as a whole. As a forewarning though: Lucky does live in a graveyard this time around.

Frett starts off as an average C-Tier villager.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Luckyanimal crossing lucky Lazy rrr-owch
A Cherryanimal crossing cherry Sisterly what what
A Cookieanimal crossing cookie Peppy arfer
B Bonesanimal crossing bones Lazy yip yip
B Goldieanimal crossing goldie Normal woof
C Butchanimal crossing butch Cranky ROOOOOWF
C Portiaanimal crossing portia Snooty ruffian
C Shepanimal crossing shep Smug baa baa baa
C Beaanimal crossing bea Normal bingo
C Frett Cranky unknown
D Benjaminanimal crossing benjamin Laxy alrighty
D Biskitanimal crossing biskit Lazy dog
D Daisyanimal crossing daisy Normal bow-WOW
D Macanimal crossing mac Jock woo woof
D Maddieanimal crossing maddie Peppy yippee
D Marcelanimal crossing marcel Lazy non
D Walkeranimal crossing walker Lazy wuh


Animal Crossing Duck Tier List

Someone send Ketchup to my island. Thanks.

As much as I want to deduct points from Bill and Drake for both having quacko as a catchphrase, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Ketchupanimal crossing ketchup Peppy bitty
A Mollyanimal crossing molly Normal quackidee
C Billanimal crossing bill Jock quacko
C Drakeanimal crossing drake Lazy quacko
C Gloriaanimal crossing golria Snooty quacker
C Pompomanimal crossing pompom Peppy rah rah
C Scootanimal crossing scoot Jock zip zoom
C Joeyanimal crossing joey Lazy bleeeeeck
D Deenaanimal crossing deena Normal woowoo
D Derwinanimal crossing derwin Lazy derrrr
D Frecklesanimal crossing freckles Peppy ducky
D Maelleanimal crossing maelle Snooty duckling
D Mallaryanimal crossing mallary Snooty quackpth
D Mirandaanimal crossing miranda Snooty quackulous
D Pateanimal crossing pate Peppy quackle
D Quilsonanimal crossing quillson Smug ridukulous
D Weberanimal crossing weber Lazy quaa

Animal Crossing Eagle Tier List

Eagles are kind of underrated in the Animal Crossing community. Most of them are good additions, but few would consider them among their favorites. The good news? While there haven’t been any ranking changes, our new arrival Quinn is likely to be among the most popular additions. We’ve tentatively placed her in A-Tier.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Quinn Sisterly proper
B Apolloanimal crossing apollo Cranky pah
B Celiaanimal crossing celia Normal feathers
C Ameliaanimal crossing amelia Snooty cuz
C Averyanimal crossing avery Cranky skree-haw
C Keatonanimal crossing keaton Smug wingo
C Pierceanimal crossing pierce Jock hawkeye
C Sterlinganimal crossing sterling Jock skraaaw
D Buzzanimal crossing buzz Cranky captain
D Frankanimal crossing frank Cranky crushy

Animal Crossing Elephant Tier List

TIA IS A TEA KETTLE. (We’ve upgraded her to S-Tier). Dizzy was bumped up by two tiers and Chai slots in just below Tia.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Tiaanimal crossing tia Normal teacup
A Chai Peppy flap flap
B Cydanimal crossing cyd Cranky rockin
B Margieanimal crossing margie Normal tootie
B Dizzyanimal crossing dizzy Lazy woo-oo
C Ellieanimal crossing ellie Normal li’l one
C Eloiseanimal crossing eloise Snooty tooooot
C Opalanimal crossing opal Snooty snoot
D Tuckeranimal crossing tucker Lazy fuzzers
D Axelanimal crossing axel Jock WHONK
D Big Topanimal crossing big top Lazy villain
D Paoloanimal crossing paolo Lazy pal


Animal Crossing Frog Tier List

If you like frogs, there are some good frogs. If you don’t like frogs, the selection may seem underwhelming. Lily stands out as the one character who everyone seems to welcome. Important note: frogs should not have realistic lips. Please delete this from my memory, thanks.

When it comes to catchphrases, Jeremiah isn’t the best. Nee-deep? Really? Prince is just burping and Raddle is another sneezer.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Lilyanimal crossing lily Normal toady
B Ribbotanimal crossing ribbot Jock zzrrbbitt
C Cousteauanimal crossing cousteau Jock oui oui
C Henryanimal crossing henry Smug snoozit
C Jeremiahanimal crossing jeremiah Lazy nee-deep
C Tadanimal crossing tad Jock sluuuurp
C Raddle
animal crossing raddle
Lazy aaach-
D Divaanimal crossing diva Sisterly ya know
D Driftanimal crossing drift Jock brah
D Puddlesanimal crossing puddles Peppy splish
D Camofroganimal crossing camofrog Cranky ten-hut
D Croqueanimal crossing croque Cranky as if
D Frobertanimal crossing frobert Jock fribbit
D Gigianimal crossing gigi Snooty ribette
D Huckanimal crossing huck Smug hopper
D Jambette Normal croak-kay
D Prince Lazy burrup
D Wart Jr.animal crossing wart jr Cranky grr-ribbit


Animal Crossing Goat Tier List

Sherb has taken the internet by storm, but there are other good goats, too! All-in-all, we stand by our original rankings. No changes here.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Sherbanimal crossing sherb Lazy bawwww
A Pashminaanimal crossing pashmina Sisterly kidders
B Chevreanimal crossing chevre Normal la baa
B Kiddanimal crossing kidd Smug wut
C Nananimal crossing nan Normal kid
D Billyanimal crossing billy Jock dagnaabit
D Gruffanimal crossing gruff Cranky bleh eh eh
D Velmaanimal crossing velma Snooty blih


Animal Crossing Gorilla Tier List

The gorillas aren’t great, honestly. Not even Louie and his reference to Donkey Kong is enough to make him popular. Rilla, the lone post-release addition, fails to impress.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
C Booneanimal crossing boone Jock baboom
C Louieanimal crossing louie Jock hoo hoo ha
C Hansanimal crossing hans Smug groovy
D Alanimal crossing al Lazy Ayyeeee
D Boydanimal crossing boyd Cranky uh-oh
D Cesaranimal crossing cesar Cranky highness
D Peeweeanimal crossing peewee Cranky li’l dude
D Rocketanimal crossing rocket Sisterly vroom
D Violetanimal crossing violet Snooty sweetie
D Rilla Peppy hello


Animal Crossing Hamster Tier List

Hamsters are great, and not just because you can show them a hamster cage and have them freak out. They’re so darn cute. 

In this update, we give Apple the credit she’s due, finally give Hamphrey a bump despite being a grump, and place Marlo in B-Tier.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Appleanimal crossing apple Peppy cheekers
A Flurryanimal crossing flurry Normal powderpuff
B Hamletanimal crossing hamelet Jock hammie
B Hamphreyanimal crossing hamphrey Cranky snort
B Marlo Cranky gabeesh
C Grahamanimal crossing graham Smug indeed
C Soleianimal crossing soleil Snooty tarnation
D Clayanimal crossing clay Lazy thump
D Rodneyanimal crossing rodney Smug le ham


Highlights from the Animal Crossing Community:

Animal Crossing Hippo Tier List

In my eyes, Bertha and Bubbles belong together outside my city hall singing a duet. No changes for the hippos.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Berthaanimal crossing bertha Normal bloop
B Bubblesanimal crossing bubbles Peppy hipster
C Bittyanimal crossing bitty Snooty my dear
D Harryanimal crossing harry Cranky beach bum
D Hippeuxanimal crossing hippeux Smug natch
D Roccoanimal crossing rocco Cranky hippie
D Biffanimal crossing biff Jock squirt

Animal Crossing Horse Tier List

Julian is a damn unicorn, folks. Reneigh and Roscoe are also good, but neither can put up the popularity numbers that Julian does.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Juliananimal crossing julian Smug glitter
A Reneighanimal crossing reneigh Sisterly ayup, yup
B Roscoeanimal crossing roscoe Cranky nay
B Cleoanimal crossing cleo Snooty sugar
B Savannahanimal crossing savannah Normal y’all
C Annaliseanimal crossing annalise Snooty nipper
C Coltonanimal crossing colton Smug check it
C Papianimal crossing papi Lazy haaay
C Buckanimal crossing buck Jock pardner
C Winnieanimal crossing winnie Peppy hay-OK
D Elmeranimal crossing elmer Lazy tenderfoot
D Clydeanimal crossing clyde Lazy clip-clawp
D Edanimal crossing ed Smug greenhorn
D Peachesanimal crossing peaches Normal neighbor
D Victoriaanimal crossing victoria Peppy sugar cube

Animal Crossing Kangaroo Tier List

Just like eagles, kangaroos are still cute and a solid addition, but aren’t a super popular species. Their catchphrases are a little weird in the year of our Lord 2021. Love to have villagers going around ending every sentence with “child,” “wee baby,” and “my pet.”

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
C Carrieanimal crossing carrie Normal little one
C Sylviaanimal crossing sylvia Sisterly boing
C Mathildaanimal crossing mathilda Snooty wee baby
C Waltanimal crossing walt Cranky pockets
D Rooneyanimal crossing rooney Cranky punches
D Astridanimal crossing astrid Snooty my pet
D Kittanimal crossing kitt Normal child
D Marcieanimal crossing marcie Normal pouches

Animal Crossing Koala Tier List

Koalas are average, though they do get extra points for being so damn colorful. Eugene stands out as one of the most unique villagers out there. We think Faith will be decently popular after her release, so we’ve sorted her into the A-Tier for now.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Faith Normal aloha
B Eugeneanimal crossing eugene Smug yeah buddy
C Aliceanimal crossing alice Normal guvnor
C Lymananimal crossing lyman Jock chips
C Melba Normal toasty
C Ozzieanimal crossing sydney Lazy ol’ bear
C Sydneyanimal crossing sydney Normal sunshine
C Yukaanimal crossing yuka Snooty tsk tsk
D Canberraanimal crossing canberra Sisterly nuh uh
D Gonzoanimal crossing gonzo Cranky mate

Animal Crossing Lion Tier List

I’m not a huge fan of the lions’ face designs and the community might not be, either. None of these are super popular options, but I at least wanted to give Lionel credit for being unique.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Lionelanimal crossing lionel Smug precisely
C Leopold Smug lion cub
C Rexanimal crossing rex Lazy cool cat
D Budanimal crossing bud Jock shredded
D Elvis Cranky unh-hunh
D Mottanimal crossing mott Jock cagey
D Roryanimal crossing rory Jock capital

Animal Crossing Monkey Tier List

Just like with Eagles, Monkeys were okay but really needed a new villager to be the face of the species. I believe Tiansheng will be exactly that, so he’s been slotted into A-Tier.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Tiansheng Jock wuwu
B Sharianimal crossing shari Sisterly cheeky
C Delianimal crossing deli Lazy monch
C Nanaanimal crossing nana Normal po po
D Eliseanimal crossing elise Snooty puh-lease
D Flipanimal crossing flip Jock rerack
D Montyanimal crossing monty Cranky g’tang
D Simonanimal crossing simon Lazy zzzook
D Tammianimal crossing tammi Peppy chimpy

Animal Crossing Mouse Tier List

The mice are super cute but don’t quite land in my books; there are simply better options out there. I don’t actually dislike most of them. Someone just needs to tell me what’s going on with Rizzo and Limberg, though. They’re straight-up creepy-looking.

With the glasses and color combination, I suspect Petri will be the new favorite Mouse.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Petri Snooty mmmhmm
B Doraanimal crossing dora Normal squeaky
C Bellaanimal crossing bella Peppy eeks
C Breeanimal crossing bree Snooty cheeseball
C Rodanimal crossing rod Jock ace
C Samsonanimal crossing samson Jock pipsqueak
C Broccoloanimal crossing broccolo Lazy eat it
D Bettina Normal eekers
D Penelopeanimal crossing penelope Peppy oh bow
D Anicottianimal crossing anicotti Peppy cannoli
D Candianimal crossing candi Peppy sweetie
D Chadderanimal crossing chaddar Smug fromage
D Gretaanimal crossing greta Snooty yelp
D Limberganimal crossing limberg Cranky squinky
D Mooseanimal crossing moose Jock shorty
D Rizzoanimal crossing rizzo Cranky squee

Animal Crossing Octopus Tier List

I understand why Zucker is popular; he’s takoyaki, after all. All of these are among the most sought-after villagers, likely because there are only four of them available. While there’s been a lot of hype for Cephalobot, I think he’ll fall into the secondary tier.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Marinaanimal crossing marina Normal blurp
S Zuckeranimal crossing zucker Lazy bloop
A Cephalobot Smug donk donk
B Octaviananimal crossing octavian Cranky sucker

Animal Crossing Villager Spotlights:

Animal Crossing Ostrich Tier List

Flora wins the popularity battle here, which should come as no surprise. We’ve done some rebalancing here, giving Sprocket and Julia a much-needed boost. Rio will likely fall somewhere around them in popularity.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Floraanimal crossing flora Peppy pinky
A Phoebeanimal crossing phobe Sisterly sparky
B Blancheanimal crossing blanche Snooty quite so
B Juliaanimal crossing julia Snooty dahling
B Sprocketanimal crossing sprocket Jock zort
B Rio Peppy li’l chick
C Cranstonanimal crossing cranston Lazy sweatband
C Gladysanimal crossing gladys Normal stretch
D Philanimal crossing phil Smug hurk
D Queenieanimal crossing queenie Snooty chicken
D Sandyanimal crossing sandy Normal speedy

Animal Crossing Penguin Tier List

Despite winning over the entire internet prior to the launch of New Horizons, Roald has fallen in the popularity charts. He’s still a champion in our minds, though. There’s been some slight shuffling in these ranks but Chabwick, the new Penguin, starts in Tier C.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Roaldanimal crossing roald Jock b-b-buddy
A Sprinkleanimal crossing sprinkle Peppy frappe
A Auroraanimal crossing aurora Normal b-b-baby
B Cubeanimal crossing cube Lazy d-d-dude
C Frigaanimal crossing friga Snooty brrmph
C Gwenanimal crossing gwen Snooty h-h-hon
C Hopperanimal crossing hopper Cranky slushie
C Wadeanimal crossing wade Lazy so it goes
C Chabwick Lazy unknown
D Boomeranimal crossing boomer Lazy human
D Floanimal crossing flo Sisterly cha
D Igglyanimal crossing iggly Jock waddler
D Puckanimal crossing puck Lazy brrrrrrrrr
D Texanimal crossing tex Smug picante

Animal Crossing Pig Tier List

All three of our top-ranked pigs are not only cute but also have decent houses! Gala is basically living in a statehouse, complete with jail bars, surveillance cameras, and gold bars. Hugh has piles and boxes of food with nothing else other than a fridge, sleeping bag, and freezers; it’s kind of endearing. Agnes, on the other hand, has this gray/black themed abode with a black rose bed, lots of flowers, a wall-mounted TV, and more.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Hughanimal crossing hugh Lazy snortle
A Agnesanimal crossing agnes Sisterly snuffle
B Galaanimal crossing gala Normal snortie
C Curlyanimal crossing curly Jock nyoink
C Kevinanimal crossing kevin Jock weeweewee
C Lucyanimal crossing lucy Normal snoooink
C Cobbanimal crossing cobb Jock hot dog
C Pancettianimal crossing pancetti Snooty sooey
D Borisanimal crossing boris Cranky schnort
D Chopsanimal crossing chops Smug zoink
D Maggieanimal crossing maggie Normal schep
D Peggyanimal crossing peggy Peppy scweetie
D Rasheranimal crossing rasher Cranky swine
D Sporkanimal crossing spork Lazy snork
D Trufflesanimal crossing truffles Peppy snoutie

Animal Crossing Rabbit Tier List

Coco is probably the most iconic rabbit in New Horizons. I mean, just look at them! Even if their house is a bit bland, it’s unique among villager designs. Ruby is another popular choice, which is great because she also comes with a space-themed house! Out of all of them, I think Cole is the most underappreciated. Look at those eyes.

Two new additions here: Toby, who is entirely lackluster, and Sasha, who is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Please come to my island, Sasha! [Editor’s note: oh my god, I would die for Sasha.]

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Cocoanimal crossing coco Normal doyoing
S Sasha Lazy hoppity
A Rubyanimal crossing ruby Peppy li’l ears
A Genjianimal crossing genji Jock mochi
B Bunnieanimal crossing bunnie Peppy tee-hee
B Chrissyanimal crossing chrissy Peppy sparkles
B Coleanimal crossing cole Lazy duuude
B Francineanimal crossing francine Snooty karat
B Tiffanyanimal crossing tiffany Snooty bun bun
B Snakeanimal crossing snake Jock bunyip
C Miraanimal crossing mira Sisterly cottontail
C Bonbonanimal crossing bonbon Peppy deelish
C Carmenanimal crossing carmen Peppy nougat
C Claudeanimal crossing claude Lazy hopalong
C Docanimal crossing doc Lazy ol’ bunny
C Dottyanimal crossing dotty Peppy wee one
C Hopkinsanimal crossing hopkins Lazy thumper
C O’Hareanimal crossing ohare Smug amigo
D Gabianimal crossing gaby Peppy honeybun
D Gastonanimal crossing gaston Cranky mon chou
D Pippyanimal crossing pippy Peppy li’l hare
D Toby Smug ribbit

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Animal Crossing Rhino Tier List

All of the available rhinos have been overshadowed by Merengue and for a justified reason. Just look at her! She has a strawberry horn! Hornsby gains some extra points just because of his awesome shade of blue.

As part of the 2.0 Update, Azalea will likely be above average in popularity.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Merengueanimal crossing merengue Normal shortcake
B Hornsbyanimal crossing hornsby Lazy schnozzle
B Azalea Snooty unknown
C Tankanimal crossing tank Jock kerPOW
D Reneeanimal crossing renee Sisterly yo yo yo
D Rhondaanimal crossing rhonda Normal bigfoot
D Spikeanimal crossing spike Cranky punk

Animal Crossing Sheep Tier List

The New Horizons sheep have something to offer everyone. Do you want a super cute, dancing sheep? Go with Dom. Muffy is a godsend for all of the goths out there. And there’s no way we couldn’t include Pietro, even if clowns aren’t for everyone.

We were pretty harsh on the sheep overall in our initial rankings, so we’ve bumped multiple sheep up a tier. Etoile currently finds herself alongside Muffy and Pietro.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Domanimal crossing dom Jock indeedaroo
A Muffyanimal crossing muffy Sisterly nightshade
A Pietroanimal crossing pietro Smug honk honk
A Etoile Normal fuzzy
B Fritaanimal crossing frita Sisterly oh ewe
B Stellaanimal crossing stella Normal baa-dabing
C Baabaraanimal crossing baabara Snooty daahling
C Curlosanimal crossing curlos Smug shearly
C Euniceanimal crossing eunice Normal lambchop
C Willowanimal crossing willow Snooty bo peep
C Vestaanimal crossing vesta Normal baaffo
D Timbraanimal crossing timbra Snooty pine nut
D Cashmereanimal crossing cashmere Snooty baaaby
D Wendyanimal crossing wendy Peppy lambkins

Animal Crossing Squirrel Tier List

Squirrels are similar to cubs in that there are a plethora of cute options. Whether you opt for Marshal’s testy façade or the excitement that Caroline exudes is up to you! By now, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not a huge fan of angry-looking villagers. So, if that’s your thing then just reverse the order. Ricky and Sheldon are definitely not my thing, but maybe they’re yours.

I’m almost positive that Ione is going to end up among the top three villagers from the 2.0 update, so she’s S-Tier off the bat, as well.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Marshalanimal crossing marshal Smug sulky
S Ione Normal gleam
A Poppyanimal crossing poppy Normal nutty
B Carolineanimal crossing caroline Normal hulaaaa
B Filbertanimal crossing filbert Lazy bucko
B Hazelanimal crossing hazel Sisterly uni-wow
B Mintanimal crossing mint Snooty ahhhhhh
B Staticanimal crossing statoc Cranky krzzt
C Agent Sanimal crossing agent s Peppy sidekick
C Blaireanimal crossing blaire Snooty nutlet
C Nibblesanimal crossing nibbles Peppy niblet
C Peanutanimal crossing peanut Peppy slacker
C Pecananimal crossing pecan Snooty chipmunk
C Sallyanimal crossing sally Normal nutmeg
C Sylvanaanimal crossing sylvana Normal hubbub
C Tashaanimal crossing tasha Snooty nice nice
D Callyanimal crossing cally Normal WHEE
D Rickyanimal crossing ricky Cranky nutcase
D Sheldonanimal crossing sheldon Jock cardio

Animal Crossing Tiger Tier List

Tigers, like the Lions, fail to impress as a whole. Some of them are cute, but their houses are pretty bland and don’t stand out. The only major change is bumping up Bianca to B-Tier because she’s clearly the best Tiger available.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Biancaanimal crossing bianca Peppy glimmer
C Bangleanimal crossing bangle Peppy growf
C Rolfanimal crossing rolf Cranky grrolf
C Tybaltanimal crossing tybalt Jock grrRAH
D Claudiaanimal crossing claudia Snooty ooh la la
D Leonardoanimal crossing leonardo Jock flexin
D Rowananimal crossing rowan Jock mango

Animal Crossing Wolf Tier List

Wolves are surprisingly underrated. Even old grumps like Dobie have a certain amount of charm. We’ve updated our rankings to reflect that.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Audieanimal crossing audie Peppy Foxtrot
A Whitneyanimal crossing whitney Snooty snapppy
A Freyaanimal crossing skye Snooty uff da
A Skyeanimal crossing skye Normal airmail
B Chiefanimal crossing chief Cranky harrumph
B Fanganimal crossing fang Cranky cha-chomp
B Wolfganganimal crossing wolfgang Cranky snarrrl
C Dobieanimal crossing dobie Cranky ohmmm
C Kyleanimal crossing kyle Smug alpha
C Viviananimal crossing vivian Snooty piffle
D Loboanimal crossing lobo Cranky ah-rooooo


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