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The Best Titan Exotics in Destiny 2 (September 2023 Meta)

The “head empty, punch everything” Titan approach entices many to join the ranks of Commander Zavala and his Titan brethren.

They’re a godsend in PVE with a base toolkit made for both supporting their fellow Guardians and taking on any possible threat that comes their way. They’re also absolute menaces in PVP with oppressive toolkits in every subclass (looking at you, Arc Titans). I love Titans, I hate Titans, I don’t ever want to play against Titans, yet I can’t stop playing as a Titan — especially with the newest Bear Armor dropping from the Trials of Osiris this season. Also, this tier list isn’t in any particular order, it just highlights the best armor, so here’s a look at the best Titan Exotics in Destiny 2. 


The Best Titan Exotics in Destiny 2 

1. Synthoceps

Synthoceps are at the heart of Titans’ “punch everything” fantasy, and for good reason. They increase the melee and roaming Super damage when players are surrounded. The best part about this Exotic is that it isn’t tied to any particular subclass, and can be used wherever players see fit. Some subclasses pair well with Synthoceps, like Solar and Strand, but that shouldn’t stop players from punching everything to their heart’s desire.

2. Heart of Inmost Light

This is another neutral Exotic that can work with any subclass. Heart of Inmost Light is perfect for players who are new to the game or players who can’t make up their minds. It’s simple but robust. It offers great utility in empowering abilities and increasing ability regeneration at the same time. It isn’t as strong as it once was, as the benefit  to class ability regeneration was heavily reduced alongside how long abilities would be empowered. 

3. Stronghold

Stronghold is arguably the most broken Exotic for any class in PVE right now. It offers a bonus to Guard stats on swords, and heavily reduces damage when blocking with a sword. Also, upon rapidly damaging targets after blocking shots with a sword, it  “grants restoration for a duration determined by the number of shots blocked”. This Exotic allows Guardians to tank Crota in Contest Mode Crota’s End without breaking a sweat. I tried this in contest mode to take away the heat from my fireteam, and it was a viable strategy. Stronghold essentially gives you “god-mode” when guarding with a sword, and it does make for a match made in heaven for the Titan power fantasy.

4. Aeon Safe

Aeon Safe is the Titan version of the Aeon Exotic arms that offers a variety of support benefits in three customizable mods, particularly Sect of Insight, which generates heavy ammo for your fireteam upon finishing a miniboss or champion. Although every class has a set of Aeon arms, Titans are arguably the best choice as their base toolkit is strong enough to accommodate the support role this Exotic provides. This Exotic can also be used in PVP to generate barricade energy when your teammates die by using Sect of Vigor. Do I recommend you do this? No, but the option remains if you want an entertaining time in the Crucible.

5. Armamentarium

You know what’s better than one grenade? Two grenades! Unless you’re an Arc Titan using the Touch of Thunder Aspect with Lightning Grenades, you don’t have access to more than one grenade. Luckily, Armamentarium does just that, and works with any subclass. This is great news for Adrenaline Junkie Titans looking to cause chaos by throwing grenades at everything, but it’s also incredible in a support situation as having two healing grenades or two shackle grenades can come in very clutch in endgame PVE.

6. Lorely Splendor Helm

This Exotic helmet offers some serious benefits to Solar Titans by essentially making them unkillable. The Cauterizing Flame trait creates a Sunspot with improved Solar restoration when a Titan is critically wounded or when a barricade is cast. Sunspots are made on Solar ability kills with the Sol Invictus Aspect. Sunspots offer increased ability regeneration and restoration when a Titan stands on them. They’re already strong at base Solar Titans, but Lorely Splendor Helm takes them on a whole other level. 

7. Phoenix Cradle

Phoenix Cradle is yet another Solar Titan Exotic armor piece, except this plays more of a support role. Its intrinsic trait makes Sunspots on the ground last longer, allowing your allies to gain the benefits of Sol Invictus by giving them the same ability regeneration and restoration a Solar Titan would get. This Exotic may not seem like the strongest, but it can help teams survive in  challenging endgame PVE content.

8. Abeyant Leap

This was one of the first Strand Exotics to come out with Destiny 2: Lightfall, and as of Season of the Witch, the only Strand Exotic for Titans overall. Its intrinsic trait boosts the Drengr’s Lash Aspect for Strand Titans, which sends a Suspending wave upon activating a barricade, except Abeyant Leap sends three Suspending waves that spread out and track targets more aggressively. Moreover, suspending targets immediately grants Woven Mail to players. This Exotic is one of the best Titan Exotics in the game, withstanding anything you can throw at it.

9. Cuirass of the Falling Star

The Cuirass of the Falling Star increases Thundercrash impact damage. It doesn’t have any other benefit outside an overshield for Thundercrashing Titans, which can be helpful if a boss is particularly aggressive. Regardless, the focus is on the bonus Thundercrash damage. This Exotic is strong enough to make certain boss fights trivial and almost always worth running in boss encounters.

10. Antaeus Wards

While I despise Antaeus Wards with every ounce of my soul, I have to acknowledge how strong it is for Titans in PVP right now. Its Reflective Vents intrinsic trait improves sliding and grants a reflective overshield that can reflect projectiles upon sliding after sprinting. This allows Titans to slide toward players with a shotgun or fusion rifle because Reflective Vents keep them safe from incoming damage. If the shotgun or fusion rifle doesn’t finish the job, players can simply punch their way out of a fight. This Exotic encourages an aggressive playstyle for Titans in PVP, and while others can counter it with Conditional Finality or by Suspending and freezing incoming Titans, it's not always enough.

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