12 of the Rarest Destiny 2 Emblems You’ll Probably Never Own

When it comes to collectibles in Destiny 2, there aren’t a ton of rare items that only a very small percentage of the player base owns. Most of the guns, armor pieces, and core emotes are easily obtainable with the exception of a select few. However, the one method Destiny 2 players can flaunt their skills is through emblems, which act as visual designs behind each Guardian’s name in Orbit or when inspecting them.

There are a lot of emblems in Destiny 2, many of which can be obtained just by playing the game or completing certain activities. But not every emblem is created equal, as there are some truly rare ones that only a small handful of people will ever own. We will not be including ones that are tied directly to the Bungie store with the exception of a donation emblem since it’s for a good cause. Yes, I know there are other rare emblems, but I wanted to include a lot of ones you can still earn and a few that are just downright unique.

If you have one? Count yourself lucky, because here are some of the rarest Destiny 2 emblems you’ll probably never get.

Rarest Destiny 2 Emblems

The Levante Prize – 0.02%

Let’s start with the emblem I am going to earn or die trying under a mound of colorful robes. The Levante Prize is given out to those who win Destiny 2’s fashion contests. Given out typically 4-5 times throughout the year, only a lucky a few are selected during each fashion event. But hold on future fashionistas, it’s not as simple as throwing on your best gear and submitting it to Bungie. You’ll typically need to adhere to a theme that constantly changes, which can always throw a wrench in your fashion plans. At the time of writing this, only .02% of players own this emblem.

Emblem of Hibiscus – 0.05%

Did you know there was a vendor called Yuna who use to be in The Tower right by Ikora and Hawthorne? Only available in the Asian Region Servers, Yuna was exclusive to internet cafes in Korea and would sell exotics for you to use. These couldn’t be upgraded or altered but were meant to give players a nice piece of loot while they were playing. You could earn the Emblem of Hibiscus by purchasing an exotic from Yuna, however, she is no longer available meaning this emblem is impossible to earn – which is a damn shame because it’s gorgeous.

Destiny 2 Lens of Fate

Lens of Fate – 0.05%

Similar to The Levante Prize, this emblem is given out every week to those who win Bungie’s Movie of the Week contest. Yet, unlike the fashion emblem, there are typically only 1-2 winners, which makes this one even harder to obtain. If you are going for the Lens of Fate, keep in mind that Bungie usually picks at least one Crucible montage so if you’re bad at PVP this is going to be even trickier to obtain.

Sign of Mutual Combat – 0.15%

Unlocking this emblem is all about luck and timing. Tied to the Bungie Bounty, players who go up against either a member of Bungie or a Destiny content creator they select. This means you not only have to be knowledgable of when the bounty goes live but be one of the lucky few to go against that person. Given a lot of people play Crucible, there’s a very low chance of you even getting into a lobby during the Bungie Bounty event. You then need to either defeat the Bungie Bounty or be on their team when they win.

System of Peace – 0.71%

To unlock this emblem all you had to do was donate $50 to Bungie Foundation Ipad for Kids. There’s nothing in-game you can do to obtain this emblem, so if you want it then be prepared to open up your wallet. Don’t feel bad, as the Ipad for Kids program is genuinely worth donating towards and you should do it, even if there was no emblem as a reward.

Any of the 24 Hour Raid Emblems

We’re cheating a bit with this entry, as it encompasses a number of different raids. Only given to those who conquer a raid within 24 hours of its release, these emblems are comically difficult to earn. Not only because you’ll need to be properly leveled to even complete the raid, but you’ll be fighting the clock too. Some of these emblems include Wish Ascended which a whopping 12 people own, while Crown of Sorrows’ Heavy is the Crown is owned by a whole .08% of the player base. These emblems are the ultimate PVE flex in Destiny 2, as it shows everyone just how serious of a raider you are.

Heavy as Death –  0.75%

If you want the entire Destiny 2 community to know you’re a glutton for punishment, then slap on Heavy as Death. Given out during Season of the Drifter, players earned this emblem for defeating opponents of a high Power Level in Iron Banner. Given you are at a pretty noticeable disadvantage if you’re underleved in Iron Banner, this emblem was skipped by many users simply due to it being quite difficult to obtain. However, grinding for Heavy as Death came with additional issues such as the sporadic nature of Iron Banner’s arrival and actually having a low enough Power Level to ensure everyone else was above you. It was a tricky balance to strike since enemies would have a much easier time bringing you down while killing them too considerably more effort. There’s a reason only o.75% of the community owns this emblem.

Redrix Prefered – 1.06%

Available only during the Warmind DLC’s release, Redrix Prefered was unlocked for anyone who obtained Redrix’s Claymore during Season 3. This was easier said than done as the grind for this gun was absurdly long, as it required players to endure hundreds of Crucible matches. The cherry on top was having to hit Fabled in the Glory playlist, which is an achievement most players only dreamed about. Reading this now may sound odd, but back during Season 3, the Crucible meta was abysmal. While you can no longer get this emblem (or the gun), Bungie did add an alternate version called Redrix’s Broadsword.

After the Nightfall – 1.18%

Oh hey, this one is actually doable – sort, of. To earn After the Nightfall, you need to beat the time trials for every Nightfall Strike available when Forsaken launched. This is a total of twelve Nightfall, most of which have to be beaten in under 10 minutes. You’ll want an expert fireteam who has intimate knowledge of every strike if you hope to achieve victory. Don’t expect to accomplish this with a random group of players. If you’re unsure how many you’ve beaten, visit this website and enter your user name to pull up all the info. I suspect this is a rare emblem, simply because people don’t enjoy Nightfalls and there’s really no mention of what each par time for the strikes actually are.

Senior Recruiter – 4.82%

This is another one of those weird emblems you cannot earn anymore, but if you still have the quest it’s completable. Tied to the Refer-a-Friend program that launched with Forsaken, players who referred a new player and then completed a mundane series of activities with them were awarded with the Senior Recruiter emblem, a cool shader, and unique sparrow. So if you do have this quest in your inventory, try to get it done so you can obtain the Senior Recruiter emblem.

Persistent Blaze – 4.87%

Our final emblem is for all you PVP players out there. The Persistent Blaze emblem is given to those who complete every Mastery Triumph in the Crucible. There are 51 triumphs in this category which range from getting an ungodly amount of kills with every weapon archetype to winning a match with nothing but fusion rifles. Persistent Blaze will truly push your PVP skills to the test, as it will throw you into all types of weird scenarios. To make things even harder some are tied to playing with others, which then adds an entirely new element to your PVP triumph hunting.

Prophetic Visionary – 4.89%

Another emblem you can earn right now, Prophetic Visionary is awarded to those talented enough to complete the Prophecy dungeon by themselves and without dying once. This is easier said than done, as the dungeon is pretty difficult by yourself as there are hordes of Taken who want to reduce you to ash. Plus, you’ll need to complete both boss encounters, survive the Sparrow section, and Cube puzzle. It’s a difficult task, where one wrong move can ruin an entire playthrough. Keep in mind, Prophecy is temporarily going away, so you have a limited window to actually unlock this emblem.

I wish you luck on your hunt for rare emblems and the ability to flex on other Guardians!