Is Master Ketchcrash Worth it in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder?

Thinking about running the tough version of Ketchcrash? Here's what you need to know.

As has become standard for seasonal activities in Destiny 2, there’s a Master version of the Ketchcrash available in Season of Plunder. This version of Ketchcrash is considerably more difficult, with a higher Power, more enemies and Champions, and a whole host of restrictive modifiers. Oh, and matchmaking is turned off for some reason. So, is it worth running Master Ketchcrash in Destiny 2? Well, it depends.

If you’re going for the Scallywag seasonal title for Season of Plunder, then you’ll need to complete Master Ketchcrash once. There’s also a seasonal challenge for doing so in week four, so most players who have access to a fireteam will likely complete the activity at least once. After that, the main incentive for running Master Ketchcrash is for the potential rewards. The activity drops seasonal weapons and gear as well as Ascendant Alloys, the latter of which is a rare material necessary for weapon crafting. Master-level Ketchcrash is also a weekly Pinnacle source in Destiny 2 this season.

For me, running Master Ketchcrash doesn’t really seem to be worth it. The odds of getting a red-bordered seasonal weapon don’t seem to be tremendously increased, and I seem to have a ready supply of Ascendant Alloys most of the time. If you were guaranteed a red border seasonal weapon then it might be a different story, but the pain of getting a full six-person fireteam and slogging through the high-difficulty activity just for a shot at a Deepsight weapon doesn’t make sense for me. Plus, it’s definitely one of the higher-investment Pinnacle activities in Destiny 2 right now — there are plenty of other sources that don’t require so much hassle.

I’d say that you should try the Master Ketchcrash once for the challenge and Triumph, but you can probably leave it be after that. If you find it’s not too difficult or if you’re in need of Ascendant Alloys, then it might be worth repeating. Otherwise, I’d stick to the regular version of the activity and get your Pinnacles elsewhere.