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Destiny 2 Scallywag Title Guide - Season of Plunder Seal Triumphs

How to get the Destiny 2 Scallywag title during Season of Plunder.

The Destiny 2 Scallywag Title is the signature Seal Title of Season of Plunder, and the Triumphs are already available for you to get started. While Lightfall is still on the far horizon, The Witch Queen still has a ton of tricks up its sleeve, and a new season is forthcoming to keep on expanding storylines and season passes while shortening our vault inventory spaces. This guide lists all Seal Triumphs and requirements so you can be one step closer to wearing the Scallywag name.

Destiny 2 Scallywag Title Required Triumphs – Season of Plunder Seal

You can find all ten Seal Triumphs for Season of Plunder below:

  • Savior of the Seven Seas: Journey to each of the Pirate Hideouts and defeat the Pirate Lords within
  • With Full Sails: Purchase all upgrades from the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M.
  • Semaphore Signals: Listen to radio messages in The Ether Tank
  • Beacon’s Guidance: Use the Treasure Beacons to decipher the location of the hidden treasure (Small Treasure Beacon, Medium Treasure Beacon, Large Treasure Beacon)
  • Crew’s Control: Summon each crewmate assigned as your First Mate during Expedition and Ketchcrash activities (First Mate Halsiks, First Mate SCUR-V, First Mate Skiffblades)
  • Crash Course: Complete the Ketchcrash activity on Master difficulty
  • Scourge of Themis Cluster: Defeat all Ketchcrash bosses (Aye-I, Ransaaks, and Skiffiks)
  • Fabulous Wealth: Deposit treasure into the treasure haul
  • Robber Baron: Defeat Ruffians
  • Salty Smith: Craft each of the weapons from the Season of Plunder (Tarnished Mettle, Blood Feud, Brigand’s Law, No Reprieve, Sailspy Pitchglass, and Planck’s Stride)

That is everything you need to unlock the Destiny 2 Scallywag Title in the game. Thankfully, you have until December to complete the aforementioned Triumphs, which means there is plenty of time — especially if you get a headstart now.

Destiny 2 Scallywag Title 2

Most of the activities that revolve around Triumphs are the ones that correspond to the season. Ketchcrash, for example, can be completed fairly quickly and it’s not that complicated, especially since you’re always teaming up with five other players. The Master difficulty might poise a bit more problematic, however, so make sure to call up a few friends for the task.

Then, going through the Pirate Hideout activity is super easy, to the point of being a bit overwhelming compared to the Sever activity in Season of the Haunted, which required for you to traverse through different areas solving some light but entertaining puzzles. In here it’s all about heading inside the hideout and taking down the boss at the end, but hey, it may help to make the Triumphs hunt easier.

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