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How to Unlock the Fourth Strand Aspect in Destiny 2 - Unveiled Quest

After the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign, players received the Strand Darkness subclass, and with it came Aspects and Fragments. In Season of the Deep, players were able to get new Strand Aspects, and Season of the Witch brings more. 

To grab the fourth Strand Aspect, you need to complete the “Unveiled” quest. This quest is an extension of the Lightfall story that takes players to the Veil Containment area in Neomuna. If you haven’t yet completed the Parting the Veil quest from Season of the Deep to get your third Strand Aspect, you should get started on that. Completing Parting the Veil allows you to access the Veil Containment mission freely.

How to get the Unveiled quest in Destiny 2

First, head to Nimbus from the Striders’ Gate landing zone and they will offer you the Unveiling quest. Step one tells you to revisit the Veil Containment area and decrypt the archive at the computer with the glitching screen — it’s the same computer that gave weekly lore drops in Season of the Deep.

How to get the new Strand Aspect

Return to the Pouka Pond’s meditation table in Neomuna and collect the fourth Strand Aspect. Strand Aspects Season of the Witch_fanbyte.jpg

Here are new Aspects for each class:


  • Whirling Maelstrom: Destroying a Tangle weaves a violent, twirling mass of Strand fibers that deal damage and Unravel enemies. 


  • Weavewalk: Dodging while airborne gives you damage resistance and generates Threadlings that attack enemies when Weavewalk ends.


  • Banner of War: Defeating enemies with a melee, finisher, or sword heals nearby allies continuously, and it increases your melee and sword damage. The bottom left of your screen will show how many Banner of War stacks you have.

You don’t need to collect and spend Strand Meditations on the new Strand Aspects, just head to the Pouka Pond and grab them. Also, with the arrival of Season of the Witch, here are a few helpful guides on how to get the seasonal Haruspex Titlenew Exotics to chase after, and how to navigate the Exotic Mission Rotator.

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