How to Set Up Cross Play for Stadia Players in Destiny 2

As of today, the Stadia servers for Destiny 2 have been shut down in anticipation of Google shutting down the cloud gaming service on January 18. Yes, like many underperforming Google products before it, the unsuccessful Stadia is meeting its untimely end later this month. To most Destiny 2 players, that probably doesn’t mean much. But if you played Destiny 2 mainly on Stadia and have not yet set up Cross Play, you must do so before January 18, 2023 or lose all of your characters, gear, and data. Here’s how.

Visit Bungie’s Cross Save page and set up the system there. Even if you don’t currently have Destiny 2 installed on another console or Steam, you’ll be able to activate it. The process is pretty straightforward — you just sign into your Stadia account, link a non-Stadia platform like Steam or Xbox, and select your Stadia characters as your main/active characters.

Once you do, you’ll be able to access your Destiny 2 characters on any platform you install the game on in the future. Note that you should not disable Cross Save at any point before Stadia shuts down, otherwise you’ll lose your data.

All twelve players who primarily used Stadia to play Destiny 2 should note that the game included Season Pass access on that platform for free. If you’d like to play seasonal content on other platforms once you start playing elsewhere, you’ll have to purchase the corresponding Season Passes. For instance, if you want to play Season of the Seraph, you’ll have to buy that Season Pass on Steam or whatever console you’re playing on.

For information on Stadia refunds and other platform-specific concerns, players should see Google’s support information.