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How to Get the Necrochasm Crota’s End Exotic in Destiny 2

This guide details how you can get the Crota's End raid Exotic auto rifle.

The Hive theme of Season of the Witch centers around Eris Morn, and her story would be incomplete if it didn't include the Crota's End raid from Destiny 1.

In Destiny 2, not only is the raid here, but it brings the Kinetic Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle along with other gear. However, Necrochasm doesn't just drop from completing the raid, it takes a few steps to turn this weapon from a feeble Husk of the Pit, to a Legendary Eidolon Ally, and finally into the Exotic auto rifle. The following steps guide you through the Bottomless Pit quest. 

How to Get the Bottomless Pit Quest

After you complete the Crota's End raid for the first time in Destiny 2, go to the Sword of Crota raid vendor to grab the Bottomless Pit quest. The raid vendor is by the final reward chest. Although the Bottomless Pit quest only has three steps, farming Essence of the Oversoul may take time. 

How to Get Necrochasm 

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Step 1: Defeat Hive with Husk of the Pit

The Husk of the Pit auto rifle is like the early form of Necrochasm. Using this weapon, players will need to defeat 100 Hive, and the final blows in Crota's End give additional progress. If you don't want to jump back into the raid right away, head to the Altars of Sorrow activity on the Moon, or the Grasp of Avarice dungeon for quick Hive kills. Completing this step gives the Eidolon Ally Legendary auto rifle. 

Step 2: Collect the Essence of the Oversoul

Eidolon Ally comes with the Cursed Thrall origin trait where your final blows can cause targets to explode when you defeat enemies with your melee ability. Next, you need to head back into the Crota's End raid to upgrade Eidolon Ally into Necrochasm. Also, you don't need to use Eidolon Ally for this step since it requires 20 Essence of the Oversoul, which you get from completing Crota's End raid encounters and its raid Triumphs. Once you finish this step, get Necrochasm. 

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Step 3: Claim Necrochasm at the Sword of Crota

Necrochasm is a 720 RPM Kinetic auto rifle that comes with the Cursebringer Intrinsic trait. With Cursebringer, precision final blows create a Cursed Thrall explosion, and final blows from the explosion refill the magazine. Finally, you can claim this weapon at the Sword of Crota raid vendor. 

You can get more Destiny 1 reprised raid weapons from Crota's End, so be sure to check out the Crota's End loot table and rewards guide.

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