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There Was Never a Third Hidden Chest in the Destiny 2 Crota's End Raid

Players have wasted their efforts trying to find the non-existent third hidden chest.

The reprised version of the Crota's End raid launched in Destiny 2 earlier this month, bringing back Destiny 1 gear and the Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle. By completing raid triumphs, players could earn additional materials, vehicles, and cosmetics. However, in the patch notes, Bungie revealed that the Spoils of Conquest triumph — which rewards players with a new Warped Rachis shader — in the Crota's End triumph tab was incorrect this entire time. 

The in-game text under the Spoils of Conquest triumph now correctly states that there are only two hidden chests in Crota's End. Previously, it said the raid had three hidden chests, sending players into a wasted chest hunt the past few weeks. 

Spoils of Conquest third hidden chest_fanbyte.jpg
The Spoils of Conquest triumph shows two hidden chests after the patch.

Even the Destiny the Game subreddit has numerous posts wondering if anyone found the third hidden chest or if the triumph was bugged. Shortly after Crota's End launched, a streamer tweeted a video about the third hidden chest, which a Bungie developer responded to. The developer vaguely said:

"So, I'm not here to confirm anything at all, but it does sound like potentially there's a bug here. I'd hold your horses on going crazy looking for anything for the moment until there's been official communication"

The comment didn't specify if the hidden chest, the triumph, or both were bugged, but we now know Crota's End never had a third chest, and the triumph was misleading.

Also in the patch, Bungie modified the Crota's End loot table to evenly distribute the armor drop rate. The Legendary weapon drops are the same as before, but the raid armor pieces now have a new loot pool for each encounter. This patch made another change regarding the reprised raid where players can now grab the raid-exclusive Eidolon Ally Legendary auto rifle from the Collections tab. 

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