How to Complete the Crew’s Control Triumph in Destiny 2

Promote a First Mate, then assign them in the Captain's Atlas.

For the most part, the Scallywag title in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder isn’t too bad. But there are a couple of Triumphs, like Salty Smith and Robber Baron, that are a little tricky. Another sort of confusing Triumph you’ll need to become a Scallywag is Crew’s Control, which tasks you with summoning each of the three crew members (well, four technically) in Expedition and Ketchcrash mode. You might have tried summoning the crewmates and found that you still have zero progress, so what gives?

Well, getting the Destiny 2 Crew’s Control Triumph has a couple of requirements. First, you have to actually unlock the crew member as a First Mate by spending Repute at the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M. Each crew member has be separate upgraded to a First Mate, which increases the buffs they provide while summoned in a Ketchcrash or Expedition mission. At that point, you might have gone into one of these activities, summoned your crew member, and found that you still weren’t getting any progress. That’s because there’s another step.

See, you have to actually assign a crew member as your First Mate in the Captain’s Atlas on the quest screen. Open up the Captain’s Atlas just like you would to choose a treasure map. If you’ve unlocked the ability to assign a crew member as a First Mate, there should be another option below the map selection where you can choose from among the crew members you’ve upgraded. Thankfully, this selection doesn’t reset in between activities, so whichever one you set will stay active until you change it.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to enter a Ketchcrash or Expedition mission and start gaining progress on the Crew’s Control Triumph. Remember, you can summon crew members multiple times per mission. After they despawn, the banner will become inactive for a few seconds — but after that, you can recall them. Once you’ve summoned one First Mate 15 times, make sure to switch to the next one you need, and you should have the Destiny 2 Crew’s Control Triumph done in no time. Another step closer to being a Scallywag!