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How to Complete Pressure Trials in Destiny 2 Deep Dive

Season of the Deep brings a number of new activities to Destiny 2, including one called Deep Dive. In this activity, players strive to complete a number of tasks during a time limit before defeating a boss. But there’s a semi-secret element to Deep Dives in Destiny 2 that isn’t immediately obvious: Pressure Trials. These optional challenges unlock additional loot upon the activity’s completion. Here’s how they work.

Once you begin a Deep Dive activity and head through the portal into the first area, look for a small Taken blight. It’s usually in one of the corners of the room, and you can interact with it to trigger the Pressure Trial. Here’s the thing, though: your whole fireteam has to interact with it to kick off the Pressure Trial. That means it’s much easier to do this when you’re playing with a premade fireteam. As the Season of the Deep goes on, however, players will likely be better about activating the blight as they learn about it.

After every member of your fireteam interacts with the small blight, you’ll know you’ve been successful because larger blights will begin spawning throughout the arena. There will be four in total, and you have to destroy them all to access the Tier 3 chest at the end of Deep Dive. Once you’ve done that, Xivu Arath should start yelling at you, which lets you know that you’ll be getting bonus rewards. Complete the activity as normal, defeating the boss in the final area, and you should get your bonus chest. If you have Deep Dive keys you’ll get additional rewards and seasonal reputation.

What do you think of the Deep Dive activity? Have you had any luck activating Pressure Trials in Destiny 2 with matchmade fireteams? Let us know in the comments below.

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