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How to Beat the Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has finally been released and there’s a ton of new content for players to sink their teeth into. Along with a new story, exotics, loot, endgame content, and a build crafting system, Lightfall also introduces our second Darkness subclass, Strand. Of course, one of the biggest draws is the new raid, Root of Nightmares. On the Witness’ pyramid ship, players will battle through hordes of Cabal enemies to face off against formerly imprisoned, Nezarec. Like previous raids, Root of Nightmares has weekly challenges that players will need to complete if they want to unlock the Dream Warrior title. Here’s how to beat the third weekly challenge, Cosmic Equilibrium during Root of Nightmares’ Zo’aurc, Explicator of Planets encounter in Destiny 2.

(Given this is a challenge guide, it is written under the assumption that you know how to do the mechanics of the third encounter.)

Destiny 2 Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge

Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge Guide – Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

To complete the Cosmic Equilibrium challenge in Destiny 2 you need to have all of the Dark planets on the left side and all the Light planets on the right. For example, if you are assigned the bottom right plate you will kill enemies until your Champion spawns. Now kill the Champion to gain the Planetary Insight buff so you can see what planets are Light and Dark. Instead of grabbing the Light planet, pick up one of the two Dark planets and swap with your partner across the room who should be carrying a Light planet. Deposit and then repeat the process once more.

If done correctly, all of the Light planets should be on the right side of the room and all of the Darkness planets will be on the left side. Now quickly kill the last set of Barrier Champions and move the needed planets to the center three plates. This will trigger your damage phase against Zo’aurc. I recommend rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and fusion rifles as these should allow you to two-phase this boss. Also make sure you have a debuff effect like the Hunter’s tether or Tractor Canon. Once the DPS phase is over, repeat the same steps above until you eventually kill Zo’aurc.

Speed is the name of the game here, as you have to do three phases of moving planets. Because of this, I recommend running weapons like Arbalest and Izanagi’s Burden. These weapons will let you quickly burst damage Champions, allowing you to move the planets quickly. If you’re not fast enough, Zo’aurc will trigger his wipe mechanic and kill everyone. To ensure this doesn’t happen, just communicate with your team beforehand to ensure they know whether you’re moving all the bottom or top planets first.

Once you kill Zo’aurc you will complete Destiny 2’s Cosmic Equilibrium challenge and earn the Adept auto rifle, Rufus’s Fury.

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