Destiny 2 Symbol Chests Guide – Open Locked Chests, Hive Symbols

In your Lunar wanderings in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep you’re going to encounter all kinds of mysteries. One such enigma is that of the chests scattered across the Moon’s surface which seem unopenable. Unlike most chests in Destiny 2, these ones don’t even provide a message telling you how to proceed when you encounter them. No, you’ll have to figure out these chests on your own. Or you could just read the rest of this guide.

How to Open Chests With Symbols in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Your only clue about these locked chests is the three symbols that adorn them. These glowing Hive runes are the key to opening these caches and getting the booty within. Take note of the symbols as well as the order in which they appear. Apparently, the Hive are really keen on keeping these chests locked down, and you’ll need to find some way to dispel their weird magic to get your loot.

Look around the immediate area of the chest. You should be able to locate symbols corresponding to those on the chest somewhere nearby. Fire on the symbols in the left-to-right order you see on the chest. Return to the chest, and the Hive seals will be broken, allowing you to take claim of your spoils.

As far as the rewards you’ll obtain from these chests, don’t expect anything too spectacular. You might get some gear, planetary materials, and maybe some Lectern of Enchantment items. And what exactly did the Hive want with a blue helmet and some Glimmer, anyway? Well, now I’m wondering what any of the enemies in Destiny 2 are doing holding onto human-sized gear, and that’s a train of thought that’s probably not worth pursuing.

Still, it’s neat to have new ways of getting loot on the Moon that aren’t simply pressing a button to open chests lying out in the open. Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is full of little environmental riddles like this, and it’s pretty cool to have even the less important activities tie into the expansion’s bigger theme of dark mysteries.

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