Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Bugs – Season 17 Issues (August)

Famous glitches.

At long last, Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted has arrived. As expected, there’s a whole new seasonal quest to follow through, as well as new armor sets, weapons, and a haunting atmosphere in every corner. Considering how much is there to unpack, from Solar 3.0 to yet another list of weapon ornaments, we’re diving into all things Destiny 2. This guide focuses on all the Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted bugs and glitches so that you’re up to date.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Bugs – Season 17 Top Issues and Glitches to Date

Last updated on August 10 at 11:23 a.m. PT/2:23 p.m. ET.

Top Issues Being Investigated


  • If a vaulted Seal and Title were acquired on a character that gets deleted, the Seal might not be able to be equipped again
  • Solar icons for class abilities, melees, and movement have blue backgrounds when viewed from Ikora’s inventory
  • Solar Hunter’s Acrobat’s Dodge ability displays the Fists of Havoc icon when equipped
  • Vortex grenades are doing less damage than intended
  • Tethers from Hunter Supers can cause severe framerate drops in various activities
  • Bungie is investigating an issue where Solstice armor glows have unintenionally reduced vibrance and visibility
  • In Bonfire Bash, players can instantly die when mounting a Sparrow that’s parked next to the bonfire
  • The Takes All Kinds weekly Solstice bounty only progresses on Major Taken defeats

Season of the Haunted Bugs

  • Opulent Chests do not visually open as intended upon receiving rewards
  • Certain Seasonal Challenges are incorrectly recording progress at a character level instead of an account scoped level
  • On Xbox One, the impulse effect when dunking a core during the Nightmare Containment activity appears completely black

Season of the Risen Content

  • Legendary PsiOps Battlegrounds doesn’t show that matchmaking is OFF
  • Weapons and UI elements may not successfully load when players enter the Mindscape

Error Codes

  • Bungie is investigating an increase in MARMOT errors
  • Players may experience BROCCOLI errors when viewing the opening cutscene for Season of the Haunted


  • When attempting to import friends from other platforms for Bungie Friends, some platforms display an error and can’t import friends
  • Changing the platform setting “Others can communicate w/ voice, text, or invites” does not take effect until the game has been restarted


  • Bungie is investigating reports of issues related to low performance on PCs
  • Players running Destiny 2 with an integrated graphics card may encounter gameplay performance issues if the integrated graphics card does not meet the minimum required PC specs


  • Players on Xbox One consoles are unable to join fireteams with other players from in-game unless they are in the same bubble. Players can still join others via direct console menu invites
  • Bungie is investigating an increase in crashes on Xbox Consoles
  • Players using the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 who receive BOAR errors should ensure that they have successfully downloaded the necessary Compatibility Files prior to entering the game

Items and Weapons

  • Seasonal Trials of Osiris weapons earned through Trials reputation ranks are missing masterwork slots
  • Artifice armor pieces may be missing their seasonal mod slot
  • The Hyperborean Pinion exotic sparrow cannot be obtained from Collections


  • The Renewal Grasps’ damage buff may not function within a Duskfield Grenade’s area of effect
  • The Polaris Lance catalyst is no longer progressing with Perfect Fifth burn kills
  • The Boots of the Assembler exotic armor no longer summons noble seekers when players stand in their healing/empowering rifts

Quests and Triumphs

  • The Witch Queen campaign mission progress may not properly increase for all fireteam members upon step completion
  • The Eternity Crucible map did not count towards the Flawless Seal’s “This is the Way” Triumph
  • The Duality introductory quest doesn’t count Master Completion for the quest’s objective


  • A raid’s PGCR may incorrectly show zero damage dealt to the boss from all players
  • The fourth step of the Forging Iron quest in Iron Banner may not be progressing as intended
  • Players can sometimes die when transporting to the Nightmare realm in the Duality Dungeon

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Bugs 2

Those are all the Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted bugs so far, but do keep an eye on this guide and let us know if you encounter any further issues!

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