Destiny 2 Enhancement Prism Guide – How to Get Enhancement Prisms

Destiny 2 can be an overwhelming experience for those who are either new or returning after a long hiatus. With so many updates, expansions, seasons, and items added in, one can easily find themselves lost in what they have to do. Perhaps one of the most confusing elements of Destiny 2 is its currency and crafting system. There are numerous materials you’ll need to collect to either Masterwork your gear or make it from scratch. One of these items is Enhancement Prisms, which are used to masterwork armor and exotics. Here’s every way you can get Enhancement Prisms in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 Enhancement Prism

How to Get Enhancement Prisms

  • Purchased from Master Rahool in The Tower.
  • Hitting certain ranks with Crucible, Vanguard, Gambit, Trials of Osiris, and Seasonal vendors.
  • Hitting certain ranks in the Seasonal Pass.
  • Dismantling armor with 9 Energy or more.
  • Possible reward for completing Hero, Legend, Master, or Grandmaster difficulty Nightfalls.
  • Possible reward for completing Hero, Legend, or Master Empire Hunts.
  • Win 5 and 7 in Trials of Osiris.
  • Greater Core Harvest Ghost Mod

When farming Enhancement Prisms, there are a few solid methods depending on whether you’re playing solo or with a group. Obviously, the most lucrative is completing Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls. These typically reward a decent amount of Enhancement Prisms upon completion, but you will need a solid fireteam to efficiently get through this activity. The trick to farming Enhancement Prisms is to grind Nightfalls when it’s double Vanguard rewards. This will ensure you earn a ton of Enhancement Prisms — even after a single completion.

Destiny 2 Enhancement Prism

If you’re a solo user, you’ll want to use the Ghost Core Harvest mod and hop into the Vanguard playlist. When equipped, you’ll have a good chance to earn an Enhancement Prism whenever you kill a boss. This is especially effective in strikes like Warden of Nothing which features multiple bosses throughout its short duration. Alternatively, PVP lovers should equip the Crucible variant of this mod as you can earn Enhancement Prisms for just dealing a precision final blow.

Alternatively, you can always play the Destiny 2 stock market by purchasing planetary materials from Rahool and then using those to buy Enhancement Prisms. It’s a slower method, but can be quite useful if you have a ton of Glimmer or Legendary Shards. What Rahool’s selling rotates each week, so keep an eye out for when he’s selling the same planetary material you’ll need to spend for Enhancement Prisms.

Remember, you can only have a total of 50 Enhancement Prisms in your inventory and another 50 in your Post Master. These cannot be stored in your vault, so don’t feel like you need to be frugal if you’ve maxed out the amount you can hold!