All New Destiny 2 Perks and Origin Traits from Season of the Seraph

While new weapons bring along new visuals and an updated feel to Destiny 2’s looter shooter gameplay, nothing can truly change things up like an abundance of new perks to utilize. With the launch of Season of the Seraph today, Bungie has added eight new perks and seven new origin traits. In this guide, we’ll list all of them and tell you exactly which guns can roll with them.

One thing to note is that these perks are largely contained within the season’s new weapons or added to existing prestige weapons. Don’t expect to see them everywhere, though they may be more widely used after future updates.

New Origin Traits

Runneth Over

Reloading near allies overflows the magazine an improved amount.

Intrinsic on: Unknown.


Gain an improved amount of health based on the number of hits before reloading.

Intrinsic on: Unknown.

Rasputin’s Arsenal

Breaking a target’s shield partially reloads this weapon’s magazine.

Intrinsic on: All v1.0.3. versions of IKELOS weapons.


Improves range, handling, and damage against combatants during the opening moments of an engagement.

Intrinsic on: Season of the Seraph weapons.

Dawning Surprise

Rapidly defeating targets awards a Dawning gift. Defeated powerful targets count as more than one.

Intrinsic on: Dawning seasonal weapons.

Hakke Heavy Burst Fire

Fires a less stable burst of two high-damage, high-range rounds. Increases Range by 15, decreases Stability by 20.

Intrinsic on: Unknown.

Hakke Light Burst Fire

Fires a stable burst of four lightweight rounds. Decreases Range by 10.

Intrinsic on: Unknown.

New Perks

Target Lock

Damage increases the longer this weapon remains on a target.

Rolls on: Lodbrok-C, Prolonged Engagement, Avalanche, Retrofit Escapade.

Swooping Talons

Dealing damage while airborne increases this weapon’s damage output.

Rolls on: The Manticore

Perfect Float

Being in combat for a moderate time increases airborne effectiveness and reduces flinch until you are out of combat.

Rolls on: Jararaca-3sr, Prolonged Engagement, Tripwire Canary, Exalted Truth, Posterity, Fire and Forget

Shot Swap

Final blows build and store charges which allow you to swap and stow this weapon at a faster rate.

Rolls on: Succession, Tripwire Canary, Glacioclasm, Judgment of Kelgorath, Exalted Truth, IKELOS SMG v1.0.3, Avalanche.

Offhand Strike

Final blows grant additional weapon range, stability, and accuracy when firing from the hip for a short duration.

Rolls on: Stay Frosty, Hung Jury SR4, Heritage, Prolonged Engagement, Dark Decider, Glacioclasm, IKELOS HC v1.0.3, IKELOS SG v1.0.3, Fioritura-59, Unwavering Duty.

Close to Melee

Glaive projectile final blows improve Glaive melee damage. Glaive projectile or melee damage extends the duration.

Rolls on: Judgment of Kelgorath.

Cascade Point

Final blows or sustained precision hits with another weapon increase this weapon’s rate of fire for a short duration.

Rolls on: Lodbrok-C, Cold Front, IKELOS SG v1.0.3, Albruna-D, Wendigo GL3, Avalanche, Unwavering Duty.

Apollonic Tangent

Arrows fired through a Guidance Ring release seeking projectiles, which do more damage based on distance traveled.

Rolls on: Unknown.