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Final Fantasy XIV got a new Shadow Wolf mount, but fans are upset about how to get it

So much for earning the mount.

A new Final Fantasy XIV Shadow Wolf mount has been added to the game, but fans are upset that the mount has been added to the Mogstation instead of earnable through in-game progression. Players specifically assumed that this mount would be the new reward for leveling and getting spells for their Blue Mage, but Square Enix instead has listed it in the cash shop.

The Shadow Wolf mount is taken straight from one of the raids in Shadowbringers. The Shadowkeeper boss was who players fought in E10 and E10S, and now it has been made into a mount obtainable through the cash shop. Those who want it will have to cough up $24 in order to obtain it.

The dog-like mount runs around on all fours on the ground, but will shift into a standing position when players start flying with it. Those who are on the fence about whether to buy it or not can see what it looks like on the ground, in the air, and can see a short video of it on the online store.

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Twitter post announcing the brooding wolf mount was met with a lot of criticism. Many thought that they would be able to earn the mount instead of hand over their hard-earned money in order to unlock it. With the addition of new Blue Mage content in the upcoming Patch 6.45, Blue Mage players were hoping that this would be their reward for all of the work improving the job.

There is now a question of whether players will even be rewarded with a mount for completing the new Blue Mage content after Patch 6.45 drops sometime in the next few months. The job is unique and isn’t always the easiest to collect spells for due to how the skills work, so players were really hoping that this would be the reward for all of their time and dedication to the job, and now they are left wondering if there will even be a worthwhile reward at all.


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