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Missed Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 77? Here are the biggest reveals ahead of Patch 6.4

New dungeons, new Island Sanctuary, new gear.

This morning, the folks at Square Enix streamed the 77th Letter from the Producer Live for Final Fantasy XIV. The stream was a deeper dive into everything coming for Patch 6.4 when it releases on May 23. There was also a significant look into content coming in Patch 6.45. Below you’ll find the most important details revealed in the stream.

Patch 6.4 Trailer

First up was a brand-new trailer for Patch 6.4, showing off all of the new content players can expect. This was followed by a quick rundown of all of the details from the previous Live Letter, including Further Manderville Weapons, the Voidcast Dias Trial, the new Aetherfont dungeon, and Pandaemonium: Anabaseios.

Job Adjustments

There will be some job adjustments in Patch 6.4. These will be focused around damage and potency, rather than major rotation changes. As an example, Square Enix has heard about Dark Knight’s strength, so the other tanks will be seeing a buff to bring them in line. Party buffs that increase damage or reduce incoming damage will be increasing to 30 yalms.

Finally, Dragoons will see some changes to Jump and High Jump. On the server side, player position won’t change when these actions are used, preventing Dragoons from jumping into enemy AoEs.

PVP and Frontline Adjustments

With Patch 6.4, PVP Series Four and Crystalline Conflict Season Seven begin. Starting with this season, players who are within the top 100 in the rankings or reach Diamond Tier will receive an additional reward. Yoshida showcased a new Hellhound Weapon glamour: a red-and-black flame that’s active on your weapon when it’s unsheathed.

There will also be Frontline adjustments. There’s a new user interface showing the match time and current score. There will also be a new Daily Challenge that will net players Series experience. Borderland Ruins (Secure) will be temporarily removed as the team is simplifying the map (shown above).

The rules for Fields of Glory will be adjusted as well. The terrain will be changing and the icebound tomeliths will be moved to compensate. Large and smaller icebound tomeliths will also now respawn, offering a slightly different method of data acquisition.

Voidcast Dias Preview

Fans got a tiny glimpse of the Voidcast Dias trial, which will see the Warrior of Light facing off against Golbez himself. The Trial showed Golbez and his partner the Shadow Dragon. The battle itself will be taking place above the Thirteenth’s red moon.

Patch 6.4 Tomestone Gear

The first set of gear we got to take a look at was the upcoming tomestone gear for the Patch. This gear is unique in that the weapons are the result of a previous weapon design contest, while the armor was designed by the development team.

Pandaemonium: Anabaseios Preview and Raid Gear

We got a look at one encounter for the final Raid wing of Pandaemoniun, Anabaseios. The demo showcased the all-white mysterious boss named Cocytus, against a battlefield that recalls the crystalline depths of the Aitiascope.

There will be changes to the rewards for the Savage Raids. The challenging mode will come one week after the release of the Normal mode, and it’ll be available without the need for maintenance. Savage coffers will no longer reward duplicate armor pieces for the same slot, and body slot pieces will drop from the third floor (The Eleventh Circle). There will be a single larger coffer, with reduced rewards if a number of players have already completed the duty.

Finally, the Mythos Exchange will be changing slightly. The team is lowering the number of Mythos books needed to acquire each gear piece. Exchanges for the body piece drops from eight Mythos IV books to six Mythos III books, while leg gear moves from eight Mythos III books to six Mythos III books. Accessories switch from four Mythos I books to three Mythos I books. Mythos IV can also be exchanged for the lower Mythos books at a 1:1 rate.

Yoshida also gave a look at the gear coming from the raid. As always, there’s one set for each major role. The gear seems to have a floating crystalline effect behind the character’s back, like the giant burning wheel on some of the Abyssos gear.

Island Sanctuary Updates

As stated in the previous Live Letter, the Island Sanctuary will get new ranks and visions, a new gathering area, new item rewards, new structures, and more. The biggest change is the addition of outdoor furnishings for the hideaway.

This new system mirrors the character glamour system, rather than the existing housing system. Islanders can unlock a total of 90 slots via Island Sanctuary progress. Furnishings are placed by consuming Island Prisms, but it doesn’t consume the furnishing item. This allows players to place multiple copies of a furnishing from a single item. The furnishing will be bound to you once you use an Island Prism, but you it can be removed from your inventory after you’ve done the process once. There will be an Island Furnishing Mirage tab that’ll hold up to 120 slots of items.

The new Island Sanctuary gear rewards include a swanky Steampunk-style outfit and a tight islandwear shirt for warm nights at the beach. Yoshida also highlighted new items from the housing design contests; items from the 2022 Furnishing Design Contest will be added from Patch 6.5 onward.

Mount Rokkan, The New Variant And Criterion Dungeon

Yoshida also gave a glimpse of Mount Rokkan, the all-new Variant and Criterion dungeon. While Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo joined players for the Sil’dihn Subterrane, the journey through Mount Rokkan will see Hancock joining the adventure. The dungeon itself looks to have a very Hingan feel to it, much like the gear rewards.

New Crafted Gear

There was also a preview of new crafted gear. The gear itself has a modern spin on it, similar to some of the outfits you can find on the Online Store. Hoodies, jackets, and comfortable-looking sweaters are the rule of the day. Expect for this crafter gear to be a big seller on the Market Board.

New Mounts And Minions

As always there were a host of new mounts and minions showcased, though Yoshida didn’t give a clear indication as to where we can pick them up. The mounts included a brand-new bed (complete with teddy bear), an axolotl, a horrific demon lantern, a new Mandragora, and a second Loporrit mech that transforms into a propeller plane when it flies. On the minion side, there’s a baby chimp, a Japanese dogu statue, a Steampunk otter, and a ninja dog. The latter two will likely come from the Island Sanctuary and Mount Rokkan, respectively.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Special Battle – The Gilded Araya

Towards the end of the stream, Yoshida mentioned a unique battle that Fan Festival attendees can tackle. The Gilded Araya is a golden figure that hides a darker countenance at its edges. The battle will be available at the North American, European, and Japanese Fan Fests, after which time it’ll eventually come to the game as a proper duty.

Letter from the Producer Live no. 78 will air during the North American Fan Festival. The team also announced that the stage events from the Fan Festivals will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch, with the exception of the concerts. That means even if they can’t attend, fans can see everything announced at the same time as convention-goers.

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