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FFXIV's Collaboration With Fall Guys is Coming on Halloween With Patch 6.51

Earning this crown requires no player commendations.

Of all the games for Final Fantasy XIV to collaborate with, Fall Guys wasn't the prime suspect on many fans' lists. After being first announced during Live Letter from the Producer 78 during the North American Fan Festival, the keynote opener for London's Fan Fest revealed the date for when the event goes live in Eorzea.

The event will add new Fall Guys-themed GATEs at the Gold Saucer for up to 24 players to participate in. These new, colorful events will have Warriors of Light face off in a battle royale race to the finish line while completing objectives and avoiding being knocked off the map by the many obstacles in their way. While the maps are clearly modeled and themed after the courses found in Fall Guys, the Gold Saucer's courses bring an Eorzean twist by having the likes of Yojimbo and Typhon create hazards for players to avoid.

The Fall Guys-themed event goes live with Patch 6.51 on Oct. 31, but it won't be permanently accessible. The courses will be periodically available, though FFXIV director and producer Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida never stated how often they would return. 

While the event is available, players can earn Fall Guys glamours. The most recent trailer at London Fan Fest showed Warriors of Light in a purple t-shirt featuring the Fall Guys Bean mascot. Alisae, Alphinaud, and chocobo costumes appeared in Fall Guys' side of the collaboration. If there are more items and glamours for Warriors of Light to earn from the event, they have yet to be seen.

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