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FFXIV London Keynote Details New Information Ahead of Dawntrail

Here's everything announced during the opening keynote of London's Fan Festival.

Final Fantasy XIV's Fan Festival is back in full force, and the second iteration has kicked off in London. As is tradition, FFXIV director and producer Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida took the stage to give information about updates players can expect to see soon.

Attendees of London's Fan Fest could hear directly from Yoshi-P himself about the future of Final Fantasy XIV and its upcoming expansion, Dawntrail, which releases in summer 2024. Watching the keynote live may not have been feasible for fans across the pond, as the event occurred in the early morning hours in the United States. 

One of the highlights of the event was the first look at one of the two new Jobs coming to Dawntrail. Yoshi-P also went into detail on upcoming locations and Duties while showcasing how the upcoming graphical update plays part in bringing them to life.

For those who missed the keynote, here's what was announced during the keynote at London's 2023 Fan Festival.

Everything announced in FFXIV London Fan Festival Keynote

  • New Melee DPS Job "Viper" revealed
    • A new dual-wielding Melee DPS that shares gear with Ninja and will be available with the launch of Dawntrail.
  • New information on Dawntrail's setting, Tural
    • Footage and images gave a first look at a new hub city, Tuliyollal.
    • Screenshots were shown for the tropical region Koazama'uka.
    • A desert region, Shaaloani, was teased and said to have a secret integral to Dawntrail's story.
  • New Allied Tribes detailed
    • The Moblins, a people resembling Goblins with an affinity for crafting and gathering.
  • First look at development screenshots for upcoming Dungeons and new areas in Dawntrail
  • Look at new enemy in future Duty, Eliminator
  • Duty Support for all Dawntrail Duties
  • Concept art of new Job gear
    • Disciple of the Hand and Land along with a few Disciples of War and Magic Artifact gear.
  • New expansive Lifestyle Content
    • More details to come during Japan's Fan Festival.
  • New content
    • New Variant Dungeons
    • New eight-player Raid
    • New Ultimate Raid
  • New Alliance Raid - Echoes of Vana'diel
    • The upcoming raid series will be connected with the world of FFXI, Vana'diel.
  • Ongoing Content Updates
    • Blue Mage Update
    • Inconceivably Further Hildibrand Adventures
    • New plans for Deep Dungeons
    • Gold Saucer Update
    • PvP Update
  • A new limited job coming in the latter part of 7.x
    • Similar to Blue Mage, giving players a special job for parties and solo play.
    • More information will be provided at Japan's Fan Festival.

Information about the rest of Endwalker

  • Patch 6.51 will release on Oct. 31
  • Fall Guys and FFXIV collaboration coming to the Gold Saucer
    • Planned release for Oct. 31 with Patch 6.51.
    • Fall Guys events will have 24 players.
    • This content will not always be available and will be periodically accessible.
  • Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy XIV - The Path Infernal
    • Clive Rosfield will appear alongside the Warrior of Light
    • A Torgal mount and minion were shown for players to earn.
  • Cloud Data Center stress test is planned
    • Tests are expected to begin approximately Nov. 21-27.

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