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Lapis Manalis Dungeon Guide - FFXIV Patch 6.3 MSQ Duty

FFXIV Patch 6.3 MSQ includes a new story dungeon; here, we help you overcome and a few tricky bosses and mechanics.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 — aka Gods Revel, Lands Tremble — continues the main story and includes a new dungeon. With newcomer Zero at your side in the Source, you investigate a new threat looming in the mountains of Garlemald. Thus, you have to fight through the dungeon Lapis Manalis. Should you run into any trouble with bosses or mechanics, this Lapis Manalis guide will help.

For more on Patch 6.3, be sure to check out the new 24-player alliance raid Euphrosyne, peep the new gear sets you can earn from the raid, or dive into the new Custom Deliveries if you’re a crafter. Whenever you’re ready, be sure to use our Patch 6.3 MSQ trial boss guide once you make it there — it’s a tricky fight.

First Mob Pull – Lapis Manalis Guide

Atop your massive snowmobile, you’ll be confronted by three Caldrius and a Caladrius Maturus. Burn down these birds, but watch out for their Transonic Blast — a cone AoE aimed at the Tank.

After taking them out, you’ll fight an Albus Griffin, which is sort of a miniboss. It will cast Freefall which is a big point-blank AoE that has the Griffin slams into the ground near you. It’ll also cast Golden Talons, a short cone AoE toward the Tank. It’s last move is Winds of Winter which is a party-wide attack.

The snowmobile makes its stop and you’ll trek along the mountain to face three Albus Canis Lupinus and an Albus Bear, then two Visitant Bloodguard down the road. Dodge the Bloodguards’ Void Slash that is a simple cone AoE as you burn them all down and keep it moving.

First Boss: Albion

This Garlean abominable snowman has a few tricky mechanics, but it’s nothing too difficult. Pay attention to visual cues in the arena and you’ll do just fine.

  • Call of the Mountain: The boss recenters on the arena and calls forth back-to-back stampedes that cut across the arena like a line AoE. Pay attention to the sides of the arena. Wherever you see snow rustling, a stampede will come from there. Move away from their lines of sight. If you’re hit, you’ll take damage, get knocked back, and get a bleed debuff.
  • Albion’s Embrace: A simple tankbuster.
  • Left Slam / Right Slam: One half of the arena will be hit with a cleave AoE, depending on the direction in the cast name. This is based on the direction Albion is facing when it is cast.
  • Knock on Ice: The boss drops three ice rocks onto the arena. These are key to the next two mechanics.
  • Icebreaker: The boss smashes one of the ice rocks that were just dropped. Avoid that area since the smash is a big circle AoE. This is followed up by tracking markers on all party members to indicate delayed AoEs and a few random AoEs scattered around. Players will want to drop them in an empty part of the arena away from the remaining ice rocks.

  • Roar of Albion: This is an arena-wide attack. Get behind one of the remaining ice rocks to avoid damage.
  • Call of the Mountain with a Left or Right Slam combo: Same mechanics as above, but the boss will do both simultaneously to make this difficult.


These mechanics will repeat until the boss is defeated. Don’t forget to pick up your loot.

Second Mob Pull – Lapis Manalis Guide

The second set of mobs start with a group of Vistant Vodoriga and two Rock of Albus. Avoid the Terror Eye circle AoE that targets random players as you burn down these enemies.

The next group includes a gang of Galatea Parva and a Galatea Taurus. All these Galatea Parva will cast Gravity Harpe which is a large circle AoE targeted at players, so things can get tricky. Just be ready to move if your area gets marked.

Second Boss: Galatea Magna

Here’s the goth girl Reaper (not Zero) who appeared in the Patch 6.3 trailer. She has some neat Reaper-themed attacks that can cause some trouble, but not if you follow our lead.

  • Waning or Waxing Cycle: The boss will cast either Waning Cycle or Waxing Cycle, both of which are swift back-to-back AoEs. The key is to hug the border of the safe zone of the first hit to quickly move over to the following safe zone.
    • Waning means that it’ll start with a donut AoE first then hit for a point-blank circle AoE second. Waxing is the opposite, starting with a point-blank circle AoE first then a donut AoE second. Either way, be ready to move immediately after the first AoE goes off.
  • Soul Scythe: The boss will mark a spot on the border of the arena and face that direction then hit the indicated area with a large circle AoE.
  • Soul Nebula: The boss will drop two void portals on the arena. These will have numbered dots above them to indicate the sequence of the attack.
  • Scarecrow Chase: You’ll notice a cross/X pattern glowing from the boss. When the attack initiates, the boss will quickly teleport to the portals in sequence and let out a big cross/X AoE from those points.
  • Tenebrism: Four tower-style puddles will spawn in the cardinal directions of the arena. Make sure one player is standing in each tower/puddle. Only three show up initially, but it’s pretty easy to tell where the fourth one will be based on the pattern. The second part to this mechanic is the petrification gaze. Each player will get a gaze marker and must look away from each other before it goes off. You’ll be frozen for 10 seconds if you get caught looking.
  • Another Waning /Waxing Cycle and Soul Scythe: You know the deal; see above.

  • A tougher Soul Nebula and Scarecrow Chase: Instead of two portals, you will now have to deal with four portals. They’re all indicated by numbered dots again, but will require more movement and forethought in order to avoid the cross/X AoE from the boss. There will be one portal at the center and three others at cardinal directions.

As always, these mechanics will repeat until the boss is defeated. Pick up your loot and keep it moving.

Third Mob Pull – Lapis Manalis Guide

Down in the cavernous depths, you’ll find the last mobs of the dungeon. Pull the two Albus Craklaw, the Albus Serpent, and group of Visitant Satana to burn them down. Watch out for casts of Dark and Regorge which are both circle AoEs targeted at players.

The final mob features three Visitant Monk and a gang of Visitant Satana. Pull the whole group and burn them down. Again, watch out for the Dark spell as they drop circle AoEs on players.

Final Boss: Cagnazzo

Ayyyyy, it’s my guy Cagnazzo! I’m travelin’ between sha’ds ova here! This water-wielding archfiend has some clever tricks up his sleeve which he ain’t had to use since his days flooding the streets of Arthur Ave.

  • Stygian Deluge: A standard party-wide AoE attack.
  • Antediluvian: The boss will spawn three pairs of water balloons above the arena. The pairs appear in a sequence. They will drop and cause damage in a large circle AoE. Identify the safe zones depending on the sequence. The balloons in each pair will always be across from each other.
  • Body Slam: This happens while Antediluvian is still resolving. The boss will stomp the center of the arena and cause a knockback. Use knockback immunity or position yourself as to not get knocked into an AoE or the arena’s border.
  • Hydraulic Ram: The boss will teleport to one end of the arena and telegraph a sequence of large line AoEs before rushing through them. Several random circle AoEs will flash around the arena as well, leaving little space for a safe zone. However, players can position themselves in one of the corners not covered by the line AoEs and work with the space available.

  • Hydrofall: A standard party stack mechanic. Bunch together to share the damage.
  • Cursed Tide: Once this cast goes off, you will have to handle several mechanics and pass a DPS check.
    • Four Fearsome Flotsam spawn into the arena and you’ll have to destroy these as fast as possible — before Cagnazzo’s Power reaches 100.
    • You will also be dealing tracking AoEs on each party member and a barrage of random circle AoEs all over the arena while having to spread.
    • Then there will be a party stack marker to deal with immediately afterward.
    • The random circle AoEs around the arena will continue until you destroy all four Fearsome Flotsam.
    • Once all that’s over, the party will be hit for damage depending on Cagnazzo’s Power accumulated.

  • Voidcleaver: This is a party-wide AoE that also spawns four void portals, each of which is tethered to a player. The void portals fire cone AoEs in the direction of the player its tethered to.
    • You will have to bait the cone AoE then dodge it, but make sure you don’t stick yours on an ally. They do this three times, the second time occurs in the middle of the next mechanic.
  • Lifescleaver: This is an alternating star-pattern of cone AoEs. It is complicated by the fact that the Voidcleaver cone AoEs will also fill the arena. The third set of Voidcleaver cone AoEs will fire shortly after Lifescleaver resolves.

ffxiv patch 6.3 lapis manalis guide dungeon msq

  • Void Torrent: A tankbuster that fire a line AoE toward the Tank. As long as the Tank doesn’t sustain too much damage from the previous mechanics, you’ll be fine.

You’ll have to deal with another Hydraulic Ram and Stygian Deluge, and another combo of Antediluvian and Body Slam. They play out the same as they did previously, so it’s nothing you haven’t seen yet. Cagnazzo should be down and out around this point. Congrats on clearing the new FFXIV Patch 6.3 MSQ dungeon, and thank you for using our Lapis Manalis guide! uwu

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