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All FFXIV Endwalker and Patch Content MSQ Quests

If you’re making your way through Endwalker, here’s a handy quest list to keep you on track.

Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker, has been out for some time, but you might still be working your way through the main scenario quests. Maybe you started at launch and got busy with real-life, or you’re just now cruising your way into this expansion. Whatever the case, having a clean, comprehensive Endwalker quest list is worthwhile.

Below, you’ll list the entire Endwalker MSQ in one place, including the post-patch quests. We’ll also highlight some of the Trials and Dungeons within the main story, as they’re pretty great landmarks for where you are. We’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but the trial and dungeon names may give you hints as to the direction of the plot. So tread lightly.

As of this writing, we’re currently up to Patch 6.5, but the main scenario updates with numbered patches. We’ll update this list as further Endwalker patches are released.

Endwalker MSQ – The Entire Endwalker Quest List

The first set of quests introduce the world you’ll be tackling in Endwalker, including the city of Old Sharlayan and the region of Thavnair.

FFXIV Endwalker Archon's DesignWelcome to the Archon’s Design, the center of the city of Old Sharlayan.

Level 80

The Next Ship to SailThe Rising Stones
Old Sharlayan, New to YouOld Sharlayan
Hitting the BooksOld Sharlayan
A Seat at the Last StandOld Sharlayan
A Labyrinthine DescentOld Sharlayan
Glorified RatcatcherLabyrinthos
Deeper into the MazeLabyrinthos
The Medial CircuitLabyrinthos
The Full Report, Warts and AllLabyrinthos
A Guide of SortsLabyrinthos
Estate VisitorOld Sharlayan
For Thavnair BoundOld Sharlayan
On Low TideThavnair
A Fisherman’s FriendThavnair
House of DivinitiesThavnair
The Great WorkThavnair
Shadowed FootstepsThavnair
A Boy’s ErrandThavnair
Tipping the ScaleThavnair
The Satrap of Radz-at-HanThavnair

FFXIV Endwalker Reaper in Tower of Zot

Level 81

In the Dark of the TowerOld Sharlayan
Tower of Zot (Guide)Dungeon
The Jewel of ThavnairThavnair
The Color of JoyRadz-at-Han

Level 82

Sound the Bell, School’s InOld Sharlayan
A Capital IdeaOld Sharlayan
Best of the BestThe Lochs
A Frosty ReceptionThe Lochs
Tracks in the SnowGarlemald
How the Mighty Are FallenGarlemald
At the End of the TrailGarlemald
A Way ForwardGarlemald
The Last BastionGarlemald
Personae non GrataeGarlemald

Level 83

His Park MaterialsGarlemald
No Good DeedGarlemald
Alea Iacta EstGarlemald
Strange BedfellowsGarlemald
In from the ColdGarlemald
Gateway of the GodsGarlemald
The Tower of Babil (Guide)Dungeon
A Trip to the MoonThe Nethergate
Sea of SorrowMare Lamentorum
The MartyrMare Lamentorum
The Dark Inside (Guide)Trial

Level 84

In Shadow’s WakeMare Lamentorum
Helping HandsMare Lamentorum
A Harey SituationMare Lamentorum
A Taste of the MoonMare Lamentorum
Styled a HeroMare Lamentorum
All’s Vale That EndsvaleMare Lamentorum
Back to Old TricksMare Lamentorum
Setting Things StraightMare Lamentorum
Heart of the MatterMare Lamentorum
Returning HomeMare Lamentorum

FFXIV Vanaspati Guide Hero

Level 85

Skies AflameOld Sharlayan
Vanaspati (Guide)Dungeon
The Blasphemy UnmaskedRadz-at-Han
Amidst the ApocalypseRadz-at-Han
Beyond the Depths of DespairRadz-at-Han
That We Might LiveThavnair
When All Hope Seems LostThavnair
Warm Hearts, Rekindled HopesThavnair
Simple PleasuresThavnair
Under His WingThavnair
At World’s EndRadz-at-Han

Level 86

Return to the CrystariumRadz-at-Han
Hope Upon a FlowerThe Crystarium
Petalouda HuntElpis
In Search of HermesElpis
Ponder, Warrant, Cherish, WelcomeElpis
Lives ApartElpis
Their Greatest ContributionElpis
Aether to AetherElpis
A Sentimental GiftElpis
Verdict and ExecutionElpis

FFXIV Endwalker Ktisis Hyperborea Final

Level 87

Travelers at the CrossroadsElpis
A Past, Not Yet Come to PassElpis
Witness to the SpectacleElpis
Worthy of His BackElpis
A Flower upon Your ReturnElpis
Hunger in the GardenElpis
Words without SoundElpis
Follow, Wander, Stumble, ListenElpis
Caging the MessengerElpis
Ktisis Hyperboreia (Guide)Dungeon
Thou Must Live, Die, and KnowElpis

Level 88

As the Heavens BurnOld Sharlayan
Outside HelpGarlemald
Going UndergroundOld Sharlayan
No Job Too SmallLabyrinthos
Wise GuidesLabyrinthos
Agriculture ShockLabyrinthos
Sage CouncilLabyrinthos
Hither and YarnsLabyrinthos
Once ForgedLabyrinthos
Bonds of Adamant(ite)Labyrinthos

FFXIV Endwalker Aitiascope Amon

Level 89

Her Children, One and AllLabyrinthos
The Aitiascope (Guide)Dungeon
The Mothercrystal (Guide)Trial
A Bold DecisionOld Sharlayan
Friends GatheredOld Sharlayan
Unto the HeavensOld Sharlayan
A §trαnge New WorldUltima Thule
On Burdεned ωingsUltima Thule
Α Test of WιllUltima Thule
Roads Pαved││Sacri┣iceUltima Thule
F//εsh AbanΔon┨ΔUltima Thule
Where Kn∞wledge LeadsUltima Thule

Level 90

Vic┨οry ̈ ̈ ̈╳, │̆││ε LostUltima Thule
┣┨̈//̈ No┨ΦounΔ•••Ultima Thule
Hello, WorldUltima Thule
Forge AheadUltima Thule
You’re Not AloneUltima Thule
EndwalkerUltima Thule
The Dead Ends (Guide)Dungeon
The Final Day (Guide)Trial

Level 90 – Additional Dungeons

Cutting The CheeseOld Sharlayan
Smileton (Guide)Dungeon
Where No Loporrit Has Gone BeforeOld Sharlayan
The Stigma Dreamscape (Guide)Dungeon

Endwalker MSQ – The Entire Post-Endwalker Quest List

From here, we’re going to break down the post-Endwalker main scenario quests. Unlike the MSQ, these will be listed by Patch. There are a number of additional Trials and Dungeons that you’ll run across in this brand-new story with some ties to a Square Enix classic.

Patch 6.1 quests

Newfound AdventureThe Rising Stones
Bountiful RuinsRevenant’s Toll
Friends for the RoadThavnair
Alzadaal’s LegacyThavnair
Alzadaal’s Legacy (Guide)Dungeon
A Brother’s GriefWeaver’s Warding
Sharing the WealthRadz-at-Han
Bridging the RiftRadz-at-Han
Restricted ReadingOld Sharlayan
Void TheoryThavnair
A Satrap’s DutyWeaver’s Warding

Patch 6.2 quests

In Search of AzdajaRadz-at-Han
The Fell Court of Troia (Guide)Dungeon
Shadowed RemnantsHydromantic Terraces
Where Everything BeginsCarcere IV
Groping in the DarkTroia Keep
Nowhere to RunZero’s Domain
The Wind RisesZero’s Domain
Storm’s Crown (Guide)Trial
Return from the VoidZero’s Domain
A World with Light and LifeRadz-at-Han
Buried MemoryRadz-at-Han

ffxiv patch 6.3 lapis manalis guide dungeon duty msq

Patch 6.3 quests

Once More unto the VoidRadz-at-Han
A Cold ReunionRadz-at-Han
Kindled SpiritGarlemald
An Unforeseen BargainGarlemald
King of the MountainGarlemald
Lapis Manalis (Guide)Dungeon
A Dragon’s ResolveLapis Manalis
Paths BarredGarlemald
Desires UntoldThavnair
Mount Ordeals (Guide)Trial
Gods Revel, Lands TrembleThavnair

Patch 6.4 quests

Currying FlavorRadz-at-Han
Going HaamEstinien's Chambers
Like Fear to FlameOld Sharlayan
The Fallen EmpireGarlemald
Bonds of TrustGarlemald
Lunar RendezvousGarlemald
The Red Side of the MoonMare Lamentorum
Abyssal DarkThe Red Moon
The Dark ThroneMare Lamentorum

Patch 6.5 quests

Seeking the LightRadz-at-Han
Appealing to the MassesThe Crystarium
In Defiance of FateEulmore
Back to ActionThe Crystarium
Down in the DarkThe Red Moon
Reunited at LastThe Red Moon
Growing LightOld Sharlayan

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