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How to Get FFXIV 6.3 Tomestones of Causality and Lunar Envoy Gear Fast

Tomestones of Causality are the new hotness for Item Level 620 gear to get you Savage- and Ultimate-ready.

If you’re concerned about proper endgame gear, then you’re going to need to acquire Tomestones of Causality. Like the Tomestones of Astronomy they surpassed, these new high-end Tomestones are the endgame currency for some of the best gear in FFXIV Patch 6.3. You’ll have to work hard to reach the maximum cap each week.

It’s as important as ever to gear up, especially if you’re tackling Abyssos Savage and The Omega Protocol (Ultimate), which have Item Level requirements that start at 600. Here, we’ll outline how to earn Tomestones of Causality fast so you can get your Lunar Envoy gear as efficiently as possible. The Lunar Enoy gear is all Item Level 620, while the Augmented iterations are all Item Level 630. We also have vendor prices and locations, and how upgrading to Augmented versions will work.

How to Earn Tomestones of Causality Fast

Earning Tomestones of Causality works the same as previous high-end Tomestones. Your main source is through the daily rewards granted by the Duty Roulette and the latest level 90 dungeons. Below is an outline for the number of Tomestones you’ll earn for each Duty Roulette — keep in mind that you’ll need to complete these using a level 90 Job in order to get these rewards.

  • Expert: 60 Astronomy, 40 Causality — plus an additional 50 Causality for dungeon completion
  • Level 90 Dungeons: 100 Astronomy, 15 Causality — plus an additional 20 Causality for dungeon completion
  • Leveling: 100 Astronomy, 20 Causality
  • Trials: 60 Astronomy, 15 Causality
  • Main Scenario: 100 Astronomy, 50 Causality (and 300 Poetics)
  • Alliance Raids: 120 Astronomy, 50 Causality (and 120 Poetics) — plus an additional 20 Causality if it’s Aglaia
  • Normal Raids: 60 Astronomy, 20 Causality (and 80 Poetics) — plus an additional 5 to 10 Causality if it’s Asphodelos or Abyssos
  • Mentor: 30 Astronomy, 10 Causality
  • Frontline: 50 Astronomy, 20 Causality

Note that the Level 50/60/70/80 Dungeon Roulette does not award Tomestones of Causality, only 120 Tomestones of Astronomy.

As mentioned above the other way to snatch up Causality Tomestones is to run the latest level 90 dungeons; specifically The Fell Court of Troia and Lapis Manalis. Clearing these two dungeons alone gives you 50 Tomestones of Causality each. If done through the Expert Roulette with the daily rewards, that’s 90 Tomestones of Causality in one run. But you can directly queue into these dungeons (either though Duty Finder or with Trust/Duty Support NPCs) and continually swoop up 50 Causality without a daily limit. The slightly-older Level 90 dungeon Alzadaal’s Legacy rewards 30 Tomestones of Causality.

If you’re looking for pure efficiency, a good party can clear Lapis Manalis in a smooth 12 to 14 minutes, making it more time-effective. Mixing things up is important to the FFXIV experience, though. And you have other options. Main Scenario Roulette brings in 50 Causality as a daily reward, and the redesigned versions of The Praetorium and Castrum Meridianum are much, much shorter. Alliance Raid Roulette is a solid choice, especially if you get into Euphrosyne which gives 20 Causality on its own (for total of 70 if that happens).

The level 90 dungeons from Endwalker 6.0 (The Dead Ends, Smileton, and The Stigma Dreamscape) give 20 Tomestones of Causality upon completion. If you’re so inclined to run these again through the new Level 90 Roulette, you’ll net a decent 35 Causality in total.

Running any of the four Circles in the Abyssos raids will reward you with 10 Tomestones of Causality, which is a neat perk if you’re still working toward weekly clears and gear tokens at the same time. If you’re into PVP, Frontline gets you 20 Causality on top of the PVP rewards like Series EXP and Wolf Marks.

However, you must keep in mind that all players are subject to a weekly cap of earning 450 Tomestones of Causality. This limits the rate at which you can earn them, so getting fitted with a full Lunar Envoy set will take several weeks. This cap resets every Tuesday at 12 a.m. PT.

Where to Find the Tomestone Vendor for Lunar Envoy Gear

You’ll be exchanging those hard-earned Tomestones of Causality to Cihanti in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.8Y: 10.3). She sells all the necessary gear for all Jobs, which is all part of the new Lunar Envoy gear set, all of which are at a sweet Item Level 620. She’s the same NPC offering the old Radiant’s gear for Tomestones of Astronomy, but you may notice a new NPC named Khaldeen right next to her in the same stall.

Khaldeen offered Augmented versions of Radiant’s gear, all with item levels of 600. He also offers Augmented versions of Lunar Envoy gear, which will be Item Level 630. To get these, you’ll need the original Lunar Envoy gear piece and the corresponding material listed in the vendor’s menu. You’ll find more on this below.

FFXIV Tomestones of Aphorism Exchange and Gear Vendor
Cihanti is still your vendor for Tomestone-based gear. She’s now shifted to Causality, offering Lunar Envoy gear.

Lunar Envoy Gear Prices and Details

Here are the prices for each type of Lunar Envoy gear you can purchase:

  • Any Weapon: 500 Tomestones of Causality and one (1) Ultralight Tomestone
  • Body and Legs gear: 825 Tomestones of Causality
  • HeadHands, and Feet gear: 495 Tomestones of Causality
  • Any Accessory: 375 Tomestones of Causality

These are pretty steep prices considering the weekly cap, but veteran FFXIV players know the deal. Lunar Envoy gear pieces being at Item Level 620 makes them just a bit more prestigious. This is higher than what you can get from the current normal Abyssos raid tier, which has gear rewards of Item Level 610.

Considering that you can only earn 450 Tomestones of Causality per week, it’ll take quite some time to get the full set. But since the daily rewards in the Duty Roulette are quite generous, it’s not so much a grind as it is a waiting game.

However, getting your Lunar Envoy weapon requires a whole other endeavor. You’ll need one (1) Ultralight Tomestone alongside the 500 Tomestones of Causality. One Ultralight Tomestone costs four (4) Unsung Blades of Abyssos. To earn an Unsung Blade of Abyssos, you need to run the normal version of Abyssos: The Eighth Circle from the Pandaemonium raid series. You can only earn one per week, but thankfully it’s awarded to every player upon completion and not subject to rolling in a loot pool.

Here’s a look at the new Lunar Envoy gear you can earn thanks to FFXIV Patch 6.2.

FFXIV Patch 6.2 Tomestones of Causality Gear
These are complete Lunar Envoy sets for White Mage, Reaper, Astrologian, Gunbreaker, Samurai, Ninja, and Machinist.

Why Lunar Envoy Gear is Worth Getting Now

As stated above, all Lunar Envoy gear is at Item Level 620 and can be upgraded to Augmented Lunar Envoy gear which will be at Item Level 630. The process is long, but if endgame content is important to you, it’s best to start now. (Keep in mind that missing a weekly reset will set you back 450 Tomestones of Causality that you could have earned for more gear pieces.) Lunar Envoy gear, and the Augmented versions, will put you in the best position for high-level fights. You can also get one piece of Hypostatic gear from running Euphrosyne each week, which is also Item Level 620.

How to Get Augmented Lunar Envoy Gear (Item Level 630)

In order to get the improved Augmented versions of Lunar Envoy gear, you’ll need certain materials that will only be obtainable by clearing instances of the Abyssos Savage raids. The required material will depend on the specific gear piece you’re trying to upgrade. The following list contains the new upgrade materials and their cost:

  • Moonshine Brine: Abyssos Mythos III (x4) — for upgrading Lunar Envoy weapons to Augmented
  • Moonshine Twine: Abyssos Mythos III (x4), 3,000 Sacks of Nuts, or one Aglaia Coin and one Euphrosyne Coin  — for upgrading Lunar Envoy head, body, hands, legs, and feed gear to Augmented
  • Moonshine Shine: Abyssos Mythos II (x4), 2,000 Sacks of Nuts, one Aglaia Coin and one Euphrosyne Coin — for upgrading Lunar Envoy accessories to Augmented

You can get one piece of the Moonshine Brine or Moonshine Twine by turning in four (4) Abyssos Mythos IIIs to the vendor Djole in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3, Y: 9.6) or Mylenie in Labyrinthos (X: 8.3, Y: 27.5). Abyssos Mythos III are guaranteed tokens earned by clearing Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage). You can earn one per week. Brine is for upgrading your Lunar Envoy weapon to Augmented status, while Twine will be for head, body, hands, legs, and feet gear.

Moonshine Shine can be obtained by exchanging four (4) Abyssos Mythos IIs to the same vendors. And these are guaranteed tokens earned by clearing Abyssos: The Sixth Circle (Savage), which are also capped at one per week. These will be for upgrading Lunar Envoy accessories to Augmented.

You can also earn Moonshine Shine and Moonshine Twine through Sacks of Nuts from the Guildship Hunts, or one Aglaia Coin and one Euphrosyne Coin from those respective raids. Players get the coins each time they complete the corresponding alliance raid each week.

Clearing Abyssos Savage raids will also give you access to Abyssos Coffers which will contain Item Level 630 Abyssos Gear. These will definitely help you pump up your average Item Level, and may be a best-in-slot piece for your Job. So if you’re not inclined to wait around for Lunar Envoy gear and upgrading them, perhaps luck will be in your favor when rolling for Abyssos Coffers.

For more on what’s new with the critically acclaimed MMORPG, be sure to read our breakdown of all the exciting changes in FFXIV 6.2 and catch up on all the Job changes from Patch 6.2. If you need something relatively relaxing, unlock Island Sanctuary if you haven’t already and use our Island Sanctuary guide to help get your tropical getaway going.

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