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How to Unlock Abyssos Raids (Normal and Savage) in FFXIV Patch 6.2

The next level of Pandaemonium sends players into the Abyssos.

After some research and consideration, it’s time to head into the next level of Pandaemonium, dubbed Abyssos, the latest eight-player raids in Final Fantasy XIV. At the end of Asphodelos, a barrier blocked our path forward into the depths of forgotten ancient monstrosities. That meant there was nothing to do but wait.

Now the waiting is over with the release of FFXIV Patch 6.2. We’ll be tackling the second floor of Pandaemonium, Abyssos. Unfortunately, you can’t just queue up in Duty Finder right off the bat. First, you will need to have cleared all four of the Asphodelos raids and complete the final quest of the Asphodelos questline, “Who Wards the Warders?” Even starting the whole raid series requires you to have finished Endwalker (through the main scenario quest “Endwalker”).

How to Unlock Pandaemonium Abyssos

Once you’ve done all that, talk to Claudien in Labyrinthos (X: 8.6, Y: 27.5) to accept the quest “An Unwelcome Visitor.” The researchers of Labyrinthos have more to discover in the deep past, and you’ll certainly need to have another discussion with Themis and Erichthonios. Especially since the latter is likely going to meet his father, Lahabrea, if the patch trailer is any indication.

Before you rush to start the quest, remember that you need to have a Disciple of War or magic at Level 90 and have your gear up to Item Level 585. The easiest way to reach this mark is to have been keeping up with your Aglaia runs, as that raid offered iLvl 590 gear. If you’ve kept up with your Tomestone gear (with the Radiant gear set) or Augmented Classical gear, you’ll be in the clear.

Once you’ve completed the quests and reached the requirements, the first Circle of Abyssos will be available in the Duty Finder. Below, you’ll find our guides for the Normal versions of the Abyssos encounters as they’re published.

Upon completing encounters in this set of raid instances, players will be rewarded with tokens that can be traded to Mylenie in Labyrinthos (X: 8.3, Y: 27.6) or Djole in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3, Y: 9.6). You can only pick up one token from each circle of Abyssos each week, so you have to choose wisely. Each piece of gear requires a certain number of tokens:

After completing the final encounter of the Abyssos raid wing, players will automatically get one Unsung Blade of Abyssos. Four of these can be traded to Mylenie in Labyrinthos (X: 8.3, Y: 27.6) or Djole in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3, Y: 9.6) for an Ultralight Tomestone. Then you can trade an Ultralight Tomestone and 500 Allagan Tomestones of Causality to Cihanti in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.8, Y: 10.4) for your weapon of choice.

How to Unlock Pandaemonium Abyssos (Savage)

The Savage iteration of Pandaemonium: Abyssos will be released the following week on Tuesday, August 30 at 3:00 a.m. PDT / 6:00 a.m. EDT. That means all your hardcore raiders have time to prepare. Once you’ve completed the final quest of the Abyssos storyline, you can talk to Nemjiji in Labyrinthos (X: 8.4, Y: 27.4) to unlock the Savage versions of each instance in the Abyssos raid wing.

If you’re planning on running these via the Party/Raid Finder, you’ll have to account for the Item Level requirement for each instance:

  • Abyssos: The Fifth Circle (Savage) — Item Level 600 or higher
  • Abyssos: The Sixth Circle (Savage) — Item Level 605 or higher
  • Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage) — Item Level 610 or higher
  • Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage) — Item Level 610 or higher

What Does The Pandaemonium Abyssos Gear Look Like?

While you need the new gear to stay up to date and tackle future raids and dungeons in FFXIV, you might also care about the aesthetics of the gear. Glam is the real endgame after all. Lucky for the extrinsically motivated, the FFXIV team has already released a preview of the new gear. You can find the official image below.

FFXIV Patch 6.2 Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid Gear

While that gives you an idea of what the Abyssos raid gear looks like, it’s likely that the additional glowing effects will come from the Savage gear. Likewise, the weapons themselves will probably be Savage-only. It’d be great if that’s not the case, however!

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