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Top 7 Tips for Final Fantasy XIV's 2023 Make It Rain Event

Make it rain MGP, but maybe make it rain away from people, those coins look like they hurt.

The annual Make It Rain event in Final Fantasy XIV is one of its most popular, because it gives players the chance to earn extra MGP at the Gold Saucer and help save for those expensive mounts, minions, and other rewards.

In addition to a questline that will likely have its own reward, MGP will give an extra bonus for the duration of the event, which begins on June 30 and ends on July 17. Players who participate in anything in the Gold Saucer, including the Mini Cactpot, GATEs, minigames, and everything in between will get a 50 percent boost to MGP during event hours.

In order to make the most of the event, players will likely be flocking to the Gold Saucer to stock up on MGP and get all of the rewards they’re still missing. Here are 10 tips to help you maximize your MGP earning while you’re navigating the event.

1. Complete your Mini Cactpot every day

Image via Square Enix

The Mini Cactpot is a quick and easy thing you can do every day to earn a little bit of MGP that will add up over time. Players can get anywhere from 36 to 10,000 MGP on a normal game, but now the rewards will be bumped up due to the 50 percent increase. This means players can earn up to 15,000 MGP if they’re lucky with the Mini Cactpot.

2. Don’t forget about the Jumbo Cactpot

The Jumbo Cactpot resets every Saturday night and players can earn big rewards from it if they get lucky. The consolation prize usually rewards a little less than 1,500 MGP, but with the boost, players will earn a bit more even if they aren’t lucky at all. It takes less than five minutes to set it up and will reward passive MGP each week regardless of whether you get lucky or not.

3. Do the Fashion Report every week

The Fashion Report is where the majority of players will want to focus their attention each week. The hints reset with weekly reset every Tuesday, but judging doesn’t open until Friday. Score 80 points or more and the Masked Rose will reward you with 90,000 MGP instead of the usual 60,000. Need help with the Fashion Report? Check out our guide on how to get an easy 80 points.

4. Do your weekly challenges

Image via Square Enix

Even the weekly challenges are affected by the MGP boost. Check your challenge log each week to see what you’ve yet to complete to earn some extra MGP. Many of these don’t take long to complete at all and will reward a significant amount of MGP. The weekly challenges reset every Tuesday.

5. Complete GATEs

GATE’s are probably the best way to bolster your MGP during the event because it gives multiple thousands of MGP if you do them correctly and happens about every 20 minutes. Here’s the maximum amount you can earn from each GATE including the bonus given.

  • The Slice is Right: 18,000 (Assuming you get all the way through, get two gold piles of gold and win the gold reward during the cup phase)
  • Air Force One: 6,000
  • Leap of Faith: 6,000
  • Any Way the Wind Blows: 11,250
  • Cliffhanger: 4,500

6. Participate in Triple Triad matches

Getting all of the cards can be super annoying, but when it comes to Triple Triad, there is some MGP to be earned. Just completing the weekly challenge log for them will award you a fair amount of boosted MGP.

7. Play mini-games while you wait

Whether you’re waiting for a dungeon queue to pop or you’re waiting for a GATE to start, mini-games are a great way to earn a little bit of boosted MGP while you have some downtime. Some games are harder than other, and some award more MGP than others, so play around with the different games and find which ones you like in order to get the most MGP out it.

Players typically save up a bunch of MGP to get some higher cost mounts, minions, and fashion accessories that the Gold Saucer offers. The most expensive Blackjack mount is a cool four million MGP, so many players will either use the event to save up for mounts like that or take the opportunity to spend all of their MGP on things they’ve been waiting on. Whatever your strategy, the Make It Rain campaign is likely to get players a lot closer to unlocking all of the goodies the Eorzean casino has to offer.

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